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Recently, in the Promenades

2019/07/13No boyfriend, no dog, no cat

Who am I, by the way? I jokingly exclaimed while putting the cutlery in my neighbors' dishwasher. And one of them answered me: "No boyfriend, no dog, no cat".


2019/07/06Into the English sea

My first editor, the beautiful Antonio d'Alfonso, had already told me, a few years after the publication of my first book, and in front of the silence that had been granted, that I should learn to write in English, the rhythm and oxymorons of my sentences lending themselves, it seems, more to Shakespeare than to Molière.


2019/06/13E - A

My teacher is currently imposing on me the study of the aria In Fernem Land, an archival aria of the Wagnerian opera Lohengrin. There are many interpretations on the Internet, from the honeyed Kaufmann to the imposing Windgassen. It is an tune that can play in the romantic pathos of Germanic or become more human, almost approaching the American musical. It's probably a little like that, I guess, Wagner.


2019/04/21A god around my neck

While searching drawers for batteries, I found an old pendant that I had worn around my neck for a long time. A mixture of nostalgia and anxiety has moved up the complex edifice of my thinking.


2019/04/14The eye

The photo went around the world, slower than the fury that exists so far in the universe, a phenomenon as vast as our solar system, there is enough to lose its little Latin of being human.



When I leave the house, my eyes always turn to the south, which from my balcony seems to me to be the north. In spring, the light welcomes me. The long morning shadows seem both frozen and serene, one would not know what to think.


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