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2019/10/13Sitting there

A colleague asked me this week how things were going for me. I took the time to smile, to look at him. "When I go to bed, I try to see myself there, in front of me, sitting on a cushion. And when I wake up, I try to see if I’m still sitting in that place."


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2019/10/07Trump • The battle begins?

The impeachment proceedings initiated against Trump seem to be reflected in his birth chart. Reading for astrologers, an opening to dialogue with them.


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2019/09/29In love with the world

I finished reading In Love With the World by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, written with Helen Tworkov, a disciple. This monk is the son of a long line of Buddhist monks and has already made himself known for other books that I have not read. His most recent book intrigued me. Under the title, it reads A Monk’s Journey Through the Bardos of Living and Dying.


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2019/09/14The wise cats

I sat in my armchair, opened In Love with the World - A Monk’s Journey Through the Bardos of Living and Death. Yongey Mingyur Ripoche, a Buddhist monk, recounts his adventure in the real world.


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2019/09/01No drama

Pierre sent me a picture, telling me that I would be able to interpret it to its real value. I was touched by the attention. He was somewhat acknowledging what I had been able to bring to him since we met, a touch of transcendent poetry in which I often enjoy getting involved. If I was able to sow in him this dose of wonder, I am pleased about it.


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2019/08/31Stronger than us

Within us are the reflections of an ocean that will always submerge us. Everything is stronger than us. When we are born, the cycle of planets will have impregnated its bucket into our DNA.


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