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Recently, in the Promenades

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2019/08/18The Path is Everywhere

I read part of The Path is Everywhere, Uncovering the Jewels Hidden Within You. It is worth transcribing the cover text here.


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2019/08/11Each of our mornings

Time may be, at the end of the day, just a long corridor immobilized in the matter, a train with no head or tail. The matter is slower than our humble steps. We run, dance, frolic, having no echoes but this silence higher than our natures, more immense than our hopes, just as profound as our ignorance.


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2019/08/09Translation completed

I come back to silence. For a month, I went through the texts, written since 2011, in the brief universe of my "promenades" (walks) to translate them, to reread what I have been letting others see all this time.


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2019/07/13No boyfriend, no dog, no cat

Who am I, by the way? I jokingly exclaimed while putting the cutlery in my neighbors' dishwasher. And one of them answered me: "No boyfriend, no dog, no cat".


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2019/07/06Into the English sea

My first editor, the beautiful Antonio d'Alfonso, had already told me, a few years after the publication of my first book, and in front of the silence that had been granted, that I should learn to write in English, the rhythm and oxymorons of my sentences lending themselves, it seems, more to Shakespeare than to Molière.


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2019/06/13E - A

My teacher is currently imposing on me the study of the aria In Fernem Land, an archival aria of the Wagnerian opera Lohengrin. There are many interpretations on the Internet, from the honeyed Kaufmann to the imposing Windgassen. It is an tune that can play in the romantic pathos of Germanic or become more human, almost approaching the American musical. It's probably a little like that, I guess, Wagner.


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