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Belle découverte!

A very nice discovery!

Dark premise if there is one! Following the death of their father, two brothers and two sisters were reunited with their mother, whom they had not seen for almost fifteen years. From the beginning, there was a certain mystery about the cause of this exile: the father was both fickle and violent, but it seems that the past hides even more troubled waters. A great lover, literally, of the libertine style of the 1960s, the father had created a paradise in which children found little contact with each other and where love in all directions concealed a sometimes gloomy clandestinity.

Serj, Heloise, Xavier and Yvonne found themselves in the company of their mother and sister to die an abscess that was more than time to tackle. Each one presents himself with his share of secrets and memories. Xavier who spyed on the orgies in which his parents participated in order to better contemplate the men’s bodies that fascinated him. Yvonne, embittered by the missed opportunities and a happiness that escapes her. Heloise who seems to feel a certain nostalgia for a past that she is not sure really existed. Serj, forensic scientist, used to searching for the truth in the heart of anonymous flesh, but which nevertheless remains an almost impenetrable wall, leaving nothing to filter out about his fears, his aspirations and about whom his desire is focused. And why is the paternal office sealed? With such an introduction, one might expect a very dark tone, but the author, Guy Verville, navigates surprisingly well between often contradictory emotions to brilliantly evoke a web of complex relationships and truths, large and small. A very nice discovery!


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