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As you asked us at the launch, here is my little report on your powerful book FALAISE.

I would say that from the beginning I was captivated by your characters. I found your structure very elaborate. Your well researched canvas, your precise analogies in time and space. Congratulations! We have the impression that these are real, which creates attachment from the beginning of the novel.

I thought you were mostly bold, really!

By immersing us in the consequences of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, you highlight a part of society that is still too discreet. Its social impact is demonstrated here with strength, sensitivity and precision. We can see the impact and consequences of this time of celebration, which was intended to be a time of innocence and pleasure. Your audacity in the face of incest has troubled me. And I’m not surprised that VLB has shown itself to be a taker. I’ve been thinking about Junior and Julie in the Heritage.

I loved your character Serj, surprising, intense, distant and sensible. Your female characters are absolutely right. I found myself in Yvonne and Diane a lot.

Your prettiest sentence, for me, is on page 147: It lasts a second hour, a gourmet one, born of this dance refined by the successive tides of existence that, to modern and free people, give them an innate knowledge of physical love.

Whew, superb. But there are others throughout the novel. Congratulations! !

I liked this theatrical style by which you present the characters and situations around the table, in the bar, at funerals etc.


Otherwise, everything else is pure happiness. I hope for a continuation…

Congratulations and thank you Guy for your ability to say and inspire!

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