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I read this novel in a few days during my holidays (OK, I had started it a little before, so I couldn’t wait any longer). Holidays at the square are an ideal time to take this very well told and well tied story of Guy Verville, but also very disturbing.

First of all, I must admit that I am a fan of the author, having read all his titles with the greatest pleasure.

A keen observer of humanity, he skillfully identifies his characters. They are as imperfect as they are endearing, as true as they are liars, as good as they are selfish. They are neither completely white nor completely black, but resolutely grey. This makes them credible.

The title Falaise is a beautiful metaphor for the fall of a dysfunctional family, as we all know. Diane, Rose, Heloise, Serj, Xavier and Philippe each cultivate a secret garden, in addition to sharing a family secret. The whole thing comes out in the open after their father’s death when it comes time to read his will. And even then, we feel that these revelations are not complete, the transparency is not total. We will never know the real feelings that some people have towards each other, especially those of children towards their parents. The unspoken is very revealing in this wonderful text, because often what we say does not have as much meaning as what we feel.

I recommend this reading without hesitation.


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