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An excellent novel

Rémi, a baker of his condition, lives a love that has fallen into everyday life with Victor. This has not prevented him from getting stuck with just about all the men around him and he suddenly feels a certain weariness invading him.

Does he deserve more than Victor or is he simply not able to recognize his happiness? Should he resist the advances of Luc, the husband of a lifelong friend? What about Stéphane, that ladies’ escort she met in a sauna that unexpectedly upset her? A novel with complex and tormented characters, but which never falls into pathos. The author, Guy Verville, also knows how to sprinkle a dose of humour into his story (even if he sometimes pours a little into the cabotinage). Most readers will undoubtedly recognize themselves in Rémi’s journey, and we can only welcome in passing a mastery of writing that brings us closer to the characters and their meanders by small touches, while preserving their share of mystery. The whole thing might have deserved a tighter treatment, but, all in all, here is an excellent novel that will touch more than one. An author to follow closely!

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