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What a novel animated by the breath of genius! Rémi’s story is likely to upset many people, because Verville, through his talent as a writer, was able to extract the essential human feelings and tell us subtly through one of these characters, as if to get us out of our insecurities and worries: “Coudonc, wake up! “So, Rémi has been living with Victor for many years, but the passion is no longer there. Rémi then seeks to satisfy his unfulfilled desires (here we mean emotional and sexual) through encounters in saunas and chat rooms on the Internet. He meets Stéphane who disturbs his heart. Then there is Luc, the husband of a friend, with whom he had adventures. He thinks he loves her. He thinks he still loves Victor too. Do you see the picture? Remi is around us but also within us.

I loved this novel because it challenges us and challenges us with this simple question: why complicate life with our love stories? Especially since Victor, on his side, noticed the couple’s failure, but he didn’t tell Rémi about it. Well, the man who doesn’t speak, unknown to you? I also loved Lucienne, this friendly and charming woman from the countryside, who doesn’t hesitate to brew Rémi. Like the neighbour Irene, capable of unimaginable feats despite her illness and who, in her own way, shakes up Remi’s opinions and assumptions.

Verville’s text is full of reflections on relationships, love and friendship. Above all, we must not do without this wonderful reading offered by Verville. Sublime!

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