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2020/01/11Our spacetimes

Last week, I fixed the last of the moldings in the hallway. My renovations have been a bit of a laughing stock because they have been dragging on for 10 years. In the beginning, it was going well, I was using the money I received from the sale of the condo.


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2019/12/26Light as a prayer

The surprise is always the same. I go about my business, I wave at things, and the sun, suddenly, spreads its presence over everyday objects. Then nothing looks like anything anymore.


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2019/12/25A doormat and my dreams

My looks, my many blows in the light, offer me no answer. I thirst for transmutations, indefinable experiences. I seem to possess as much imagination as during my youthful flights of fancy. Still, this Saturnian time in my sixties quickly dissolves its interest, even its course.


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2019/12/11The cauldron

Our brain has two antennas. One, like jellyfish filaments, captures the moods of the swell and the tides. The other, younger, seeks danger and prepares for battle, or invents a quantum theory that can amaze us in the arms of a drunken male mermaid.


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2019/11/17The immobile words

It seems to me that I would have something else to do than stay in my bed and watch the winter light slide down the wall. Nothing works, though. I get lost in meditative immobility, listening to the slight whistle in my ears as if it were radio waves from space.


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2019/11/15Our Destiny

Are we governed by a force, laws, a god, something higher than us? The concept of destiny is not only present in astrology, where the movement of "celestial" bodies seems to offer a useful metaphor for understanding existence.


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