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2019/09/01No drama

Pierre sent me a picture, telling me that I would be able to interpret it to its real value. I was touched by the attention. He was somewhat acknowledging what I had been able to bring to him since we met, a touch of transcendent poetry in which I often enjoy getting involved. If I was able to sow in him this dose of wonder, I am pleased about it.


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2019/08/31Stronger than us

Within us are the reflections of an ocean that will always submerge us. Everything is stronger than us. When we are born, the cycle of planets will have impregnated its bucket into our DNA.


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2019/08/18The Path is Everywhere

I read part of The Path is Everywhere, Uncovering the Jewels Hidden Within You. It is worth transcribing the cover text here.


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2019/08/11Each of our mornings

Time may be, at the end of the day, just a long corridor immobilized in the matter, a train with no head or tail. The matter is slower than our humble steps. We run, dance, frolic, having no echoes but this silence higher than our natures, more immense than our hopes, just as profound as our ignorance.


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2019/08/09Translation completed

I come back to silence. For a month, I went through the texts, written since 2011, in the brief universe of my "promenades" (walks) to translate them, to reread what I have been letting others see all this time.


h h h
2019/04/14 The eye
2019/03/26 Ullasa
2019/03/17 The lake
2019/03/02 Sixty years old
2018/03/18 The lion's kiss
2018/03/10 With time
2018/02/11 Director
2018/01/28 A tenor cries
2017/08/22 I walk
2017/08/19 The sound
2017/08/13 Where to go?
2017/06/23 I dreamt of him
2017/05/21 To my parents
2017/03/02 58
2017/02/12 I remember
2016/09/19 The flower-suns
2016/08/27 This vow
2016/08/20 The ear-eye
2016/08/11 The tree
2016/08/07 The flight
2016/07/09 Glimmers
2016/07/02 Time
2016/05/28 Engraving
2016/05/13 Singing on sand
2016/05/01 Walking alone
2016/04/09 Luminous clock
2016/04/04 Ara
2016/03/26 Neptune and me
2016/02/27 280
2016/02/13 The young madman
2015/12/20 the loose ends
2015/09/21 The wall
2015/07/01 The shoemaker
2015/06/29 Razor and love
2015/06/27 The monkeys
2015/05/24 Invisible
2015/04/19 Our kites
2015/04/06 I killed a bird
2015/03/07 Brittle
2014/11/16 Sex shop
2014/11/02 Falaise, phase 3
2014/10/24 Over the seasons
2014/10/13 The Cosmic Saw
2014/10/03 The spiral
2014/04/12 Translate?
2014/04/09 Is that aging?
2014/03/22 Eighty
2014/02/23 Without a home
2013/10/12 Of the will
2013/09/15 Aboulie
2013/04/07 Fifty percent
2013/04/06 VLB Éditeur
2013/03/29 Youkali
2013/02/28 Looking
2013/02/23 Words
2013/02/18 He is a madman
2013/01/06 Ants
2013/01/05 Palimpsest
2012/11/22 Pause
2012/11/21 Asking Germaine
2012/11/01 The calm slate
2012/10/28 Vertigo
2012/06/12 The life I meet
2012/06/09 Storms
2012/06/08 The counterpoint
2012/06/06 I am
2012/04/05 Third refusal
2012/03/23 False koan
2012/03/19 Their Daddy
2012/03/06 Pikaia
2012/03/05 The glances
2012/03/04 Daily bread
2012/03/02 The rhythm
2012/02/29 The legends
2012/02/28 The wheel
2012/02/28 Crazy to be tied
2012/02/18 We, the exiles
2012/02/16 Slow motion
2012/02/14 The companions
2012/02/12 Accountability
2012/02/11 Hands everywhere
2012/02/10 As if
2012/01/20 Doing
2012/01/19 The voice
2012/01/16 The inner poetry
2012/01/12 Locked in sleep
2012/01/11 First refusal
2012/01/10 Gestoir
2012/01/01 Not forgetting
2011/12/31 The little dog
2011/12/29 Duck cold
2011/12/11 Oxidizable
2011/12/09 What's up?
2011/12/08 Of growth
2011/12/07 Light and demons
2011/12/02 The grey roads
2011/11/30 Random schemes
2011/11/29 The fuzzy people
2011/11/14 Love, Loves
2011/11/13 Are we?
2011/11/12 On Friendship
2011/11/11 This beauty
2011/10/25 Reaching
2011/10/23 Modesty
2011/10/21 The illusions
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