Modifié le : 2016/09/16

Accord­ing to care­ful cal­cu­la­tions tak­ing into account the pre­ces­sion of the equinox­es, I will be 54 years old at 10:03:08 in the morn­ing, one day before the offi­cial date of March 2. Con­sid­er­ing tra­di­tion­al astrol­o­gy instead, it would give me a solar return at 15:56:42. It is pre­cise and, there­fore, total­ly based on uncer­tain­ty, even randomness.

Our des­tiny is by no means inscribed in the race of the stars, but the stars do run above our heads. Tides do swell our veins, but our veins are resis­tant and still sub­ject to the ten­sions caused by the moon. We live in this small aquar­i­um that we call the Earth ; it would be futile to pride our­selves on free­dom that will always escape us.

What do we have left then ? Every­thing, of course. If the ancients were look­ing to heav­en for answers, we too must look to these stars to learn our lessons. As above, so below. What is hap­pen­ing else­where is what is hap­pen­ing here. This is why Human­i­ty should stand in sol­i­dar­i­ty rather than fracture.

As for me, I am “reborn” for the fifty-fifth time. The stars seem to be in my favor : a sol­id soli­tude dur­ing pos­si­ble earth­quakes. As if the 2012 vol­cano final­ly decid­ed to throw its lava very high.

Who will see it ?

P.S. July 27, 2019 : This year marked the sign­ing of a con­tract with VLB édi­teur and my rad­i­cal career change.