Modifié le : 2016/09/16

According to careful calculations taking into account the precession of the equinoxes, I will be 54 years old at 10:03:08 in the morning, one day before the official date of March 2. Considering traditional astrology instead, it would give me a solar return at 15:56:42.  It is precise and, therefore, totally based on uncertainty, even randomness.

Our destiny is by no means inscribed in the race of the stars, but the stars do run above our heads. Tides do swell our veins, but our veins are resistant and still subject to the tensions caused by the moon. We live in this small aquarium that we call the Earth; it would be futile to pride ourselves on freedom that will always escape us.

What do we have left then? Everything, of course. If the ancients were looking to heaven for answers, we too must look to these stars to learn our lessons. As above, so below. What is happening elsewhere is what is happening here. This is why Humanity should stand in solidarity rather than fracture.

As for me, I am “reborn” for the fifty-fifth time. The stars seem to be in my favor: a solid solitude during possible earthquakes. As if the 2012 volcano finally decided to throw its lava very high.

Who will see it?

P.S. July 27, 2019: This year marked the signing of a contract with VLB éditeur and my radical career change.