A family astrological saga

The history of others does not belong to us. During their journey, these incarnate souls dock, beached, escape, sail, break, form flotillas, sail alone or gregarious on oceans whose memory will be recorded or vanish into the interstellar or other flesh when the time comes to die.

The exercise of telling the lives of others is limited to that, to an interpretation, a dream, a fable. It is with this in mind that I analyze a family here through the astrological prism. I was curious to see if I could detect affinities, a wave, a theme modulated by genetics. The astrological metaphor is complex, inexplicable, unscientific. The future is both described and silent in a star chart. Since we are simmering in a cosmic soup, it is logical to think that the ingredients that shape us alter our personality. It is equally logical to think that randomness does the rest. Help yourself and the sky will help you. Know your trip and you will know where to sail, but only you will decide the trip.

There are too many astrological symbols for me to explain them in their entirety.  I refer the reader to Steven Forrest’s two excellent books, The Inner Sky and The Changing Sky. By reading the first one, you will be able to interpret your theme yourself. No need for sophisticated algorithms. I can also help you with this interpretation. However, you should know that I still consider myself a dilettante, an amateur in this field.

I would like to introduce a few symbols here.

The mother

I only know an approximation of his birth time and after a few corrections (made a long time ago and whose logic I can no longer remember), I give him this sky chart. I show it to you even if most of you will not understand it. Be aware that a sky chart represents a person’s various psychological “functions” (ego, feelings, intellect, assertion, relationships, etc.).

Summer woman, almost a Cancer, her planets are more oriented towards direct experience, with others. For her, the understanding of life must be embodied, in the earth and in society. The ascendant Libra, her mask, the way she presents herself to the world, indicates the lover, the artist, the defender of balance, therefore also of appearances. His Aries Moon and spouse to the descendant gives him a constantly renewed, transient emotionality. Aries Moon suggests a proud person who wants to live with a strong being. Aries is her husband’s sign. Sun in sector IX with Mercury and Mars, gives him boundless aspirations. Always move forward, always marvel, learn, travel, surpass yourself.

The axis of the map is cardinal, based on traditional, active foundations. However, the planets are generally in this theme in cadent positions. This means that she cannot achieve her dreams on her own. It will need people and alliances. It also has a tendency to merge with people. For her, love is a visceral, magnetic force. Venus, in conjunction with Pluto, provides her with a magnetism that she will always seek to express (Venus is master of the Ascendant).

The main themes are: Gemini (vivacity), Libra (appearance, beauty, art), Aries (perpetual restarts) and finally Scorpio (fusion and magnetism).

The father

The father is, at first, more secretive or dreamy than the mother. The Sagittarius ascendant gives him a gipsy, adventurous, probably philosophical side too. Sun in Aries, in sector IV, is not, at first sight, the place where we would like the sun to be for an Aries (who starts so many things and does not necessarily finish everything), because this sector is the one of action in sustainability. However, this gives him a deep desire: to start a family, to find meaning in the house. His descendant in Gemini will lead him to prefer people who like to socialize. His wife is Gemini. Through the spouse, this builder and sensitive “crab” finds the social fabric to feed his family with diverse experiences. The father is also a loner. His very mature feelings from an early age are still nourished by an emotional (Moon in Libra) and inspiring (sextile with Uranus) madness. Perhaps unstable in his nature, he still has the tools to find more “stable” people. He knows how to surround himself. And he likes to philosophize. His thinking Pisces contradicts his great ego Aries. It doesn’t matter, because the orientation of his sky chart is cardinal, of action. The opposite of his wife.

If the mother has Mars very high in the sky, the father has it far north, below the horizon. We can guess here the great dynamic that the couple will be. Two builders meet. One in society, the other in family.

Moon joint to Jupiter and opposite to Uranus/Mars gives an exaggeration of feelings, an emotional liveliness that is stabilized by natural fidelity and maturity.

The main themes are: Aries (darken, conquer), Sagittarius (go beyond), Capricorn (maturity) and Cancer (family kingdom). Finally Pisces (philosophy and detachment).

The composite chart

A map can be created that combines the influences of each member of a couple. A very harmonious and consensual, fusional menu. The couple is well camped in Sector VII, marriage, receiving energizing aspects from all areas. Taurus nature is interesting, because if there is any sign of certainty, it is the Taurus. This couple is built on materiality, the tangible, but also likely to fight for their ideas. Emotions are powerful, one is certainly the transformer of the other and it is through a lot of dialogue that they come to understand each other and get along. The Moon in Capricorn is important here. First of all, because three of the girls will have the same moon. Let us also note the joint Mercury Uranus: independence of mind, divergent intellectual taste, fusion of the Sun, Venus and Mars. A primary, sensual, perhaps sometimes angry couple. Let us also note on the opposite side, the Scorpio ascendant which recalls the conjunction Venus/Pluto of the mother. This torque is visceral, magnetic.

The first daughter

If the child is the synthesis of a couple, this first daughter would be a good example. First of all, her ascendant Taurus represents the theme of the couple. The Moon in Capricorn also recalls this same Moon in the composite theme. And the “land” is the main element of this Pisces to the spirit of Aries. Like the mother, the daughter learns through experience with the outside world. She is not a philosopher, but rather a concrete being. If she is independent, it is not through untimely self-assertion, but through constancy and determination. Her relationships in general will be tinged with differences and instability. This woman is a quiet builder, loving to surround herself with friends, a timid sun perhaps, hating quarrels, which, however, will be her lot.

We note the same angular presence of Mars as in the parents. It will be found in other children. This family is built on assertiveness.

The main themes: Capricorn (maturity), Taurus (sensuality and materiality), Uranus (love adventures and independence).

The son

The reader may have guessed it, this superficial description is that of my family. I know our common history, but not the details of its members. This family is built on independence. I’m having a bit of fun painting a portrait that could prove to be completely false. Moreover, this reading may seem very boring for most of my few readers. Only astrologers will find what they are looking for (or something to laugh about in front of my attempts).

So I know this son’s card very well. He’s a surprise child, born eleven months after the first one. He also has a different sky chart without denying the roots with the father and mother. Thus, Venus in Aries is joint to the Father’s Bottom of the Sky, Mars in Gemini is joint to the Father’s descendant, while Venus in Aries is also joint to the Mother’s Moon. This strong Venus also recalls the ascendant of the mother in Libra. The mother’s amorous fusional intensity is undoubtedly reflected in the son’s Sun/Pluto opposition (whose Sun is also found in the traditional Scorpio sector). Moreover, what has always attracted this son are people with very strong Scorpio tendencies and his known lovers all have this “energy”. Let us also remember that the father is not to be outdone with the Scorpio energy (in Sector VII, square to its Moon). The son has the temperament of the father, but the probable energy of his mother.

Unlike his mother and first daughter, the son has a card spread over the entire surface. His experiences are varied, in all fields. This does not make him a better person - he is quite scattered - but it is a reminder of the difference between individuals. Each theme has its own particularities and it is not a family that dictates them. However, it can be said that the global distribution reminds us of the father.

Mars in Gemini (the mother), Saturn in his sign, Capricorn, Jupiter in his sign, Sagittarius (ascendant of the father). Uranus cannot be forgotten in the ascendant. This planet, like Saturn and Pluto, plays a great role in the family: Independence, Originality, Fusion.

The main themes: Pisces (philosophy, inspiration), Scorpio (combative intensity), Capricorn (coldness), Aquarius (originality) and Sagittarius (adventure)

The second daughter

The global distribution of the second daughter is the most different in the family. The stellium Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Moon and Pluto make it a complex personality, focused on the need for love. If the correction of the mother’s theme is correct, the theme of this second daughter is exactly in the same orientation as the mother, that is, an ascendant at 8 degrees from Libra. Let us also note Venus at the very top, like her mother, like her brother. And what about this conjunct Pluto Moon? Do we not still see the Pluto energy of mother and father appear?

A personality with a stellium may always seem difficult to understand, because nature has made it so that it may seem all at once. Leonine spirit, great independence, great emotional intensity, Venus and Neptune in harmony with this stellar formation. And Saturn in Capricorn at the bottom of the sky. We always gravitate in the same energies with this family. The second daughter shares the same desire for concrete experience of both mother and first daughter.

The main themes: Leo (Solitary Sun), Virgo (fine and critical analysis), Cancer (family)

The third daughter

Children follow one another and the energy, although modulated, nevertheless follows the same paths. Moon in Capricorn, Pluto very high in the sky (Scorpio in the ascendant too. Pluto here represents the army of which she was a long time member), Saturn at the bottom of the sky (Capricorn energy), Mars in Gemini (like the brother). Uranus in the middle of the sky. Always these great themes of intensity, independence with however, as for three of the daughters, an emotional caution (not in the son. The second daughter also has the Moon in an earth sign, like her sisters). This Moon in Capricorn has a hint of rigour. This usually indicates a mother with high principles. I remind you that the card composed of the couple has a Moon in Capricorn. Circumstances may have caused parents to tend to discipline children’s emotions. This desire for discipline probably stemmed from the same rigour they received from their own parents. This is not harmful in itself, far from it. Let’s say that the girls in this family have forged an emotional character from the couple’s roots, making them demanding on themselves, sometimes appearing a little cold, always in control of their emotions. They are women-fathers, structuring.

The main themes: Scorpio (transformation and intensity), Aquarius (originality, camaraderie, independence), Capricorn (structure)

The fourth daughter

This is not to be outdone with the family heritage. Like the second daughter, she has exactly the same orientation (same ascendant) as the mother. And the Moon in Capricorn, always. Uranus in the ascendant, Saturn and Mars in Taurus in the Pluto sector while the Moon, yet in Capricorn, is being pushed by Pluto. She is Aries, shares this energy with the father without being like him because her way of asserting herself is more conventional and stable. We can say that the father will have transmitted to her, with others, this need to be herself, at all times. In fact, the father achieved this through the back door while the children naturally responded to this aspiration by being born around the Uranus energy which is represented by the Uranus/Mercury conjunction on the couple’s map. Be independent in mind has always been the parents’ motto. The children responded differently, but the roots seem to be the same.

The main themes: Aries (leadership), Aquarius (originality and independence), Capricorn (structuring emotion), Scorpio


Such an exercise in comparing sky charts can go in all directions and will only have real meaning if it is seen as an allegory, a way of seeing things, a family myth as every family likes to surround itself.

The lesson I have learned from this is that we are not born isolated and each family has its own fable, its own way of being present in the world.

I remained deliberately vague in my analysis, because everyone’s psychology is a garden that belongs to them. Visualizing the parental “energies” and seeing them reproduced among the children tells me that we have a certain mission on this Earth, that our destiny, even if it belongs to us, has palettes from the ancestors and that it is important to continue the fresco transmitted.

I am happy to come from such a strong couple. I don’t want to idealize them any more than necessary, but I will say that they have been blessed by heaven. Their strong personalities were able and able to found the following links with the great paradox that it was necessary to transmit a desire for freedom and individualism.

My father told me when I was still in CEGEP that he realized that his children were his antidote. In fact, they were more of an answer to what he and his beloved are.