A god around my neck

While searching the drawers for batteries, I found an old pendant that I had worn around my neck for a long time. A mixture of nostalgia and anxiety has moved up the complex edifice of my thinking.

The chain and the tarnished pendant took me back to a time not so long ago when I let myself be guided by symbols, in search of archetypes that I knew how to nourish our lives. If my memory serves me right, it was given to me by an ex-boyfriend of mine. I was proud to wear this symbol even though I had no idea what it could represent. After all, those who populated the planet before us must have found so many answers from the collective unconscious, resonating itself on the waves of the first Big Bang.

Just yesterday, I was watching a documentary called Science vs God on Curiosity Stream. We heard priests, theologians, astrophysicists, imams and other sorcerers discussing atheism and theism. Some of them took up roughly what I had written in the previous walk. Others quickly jumped to the conclusion that, if this universe is so ordered, it is because there is an authorizing officer, if the equations we invent accurately measure black holes, and if the Earth is a miracle in itself, neither too close nor too far from its sun, that the chances are so small to get there, is that, of course, someone greater than anything else has thought of it.

But then, the atheists will say, if God created the universe, who created God? The torment of answers and counter-answers starts again, some taking offence at such an absurd question. However, we will talk about the spontaneous generation discovered in the infinitely small, we will elaborate on the possibility of multiple universes that bubble in the void. Anyway, we don’t know that. The theist rests from all questions by placing his final point of faith. The atheist will silently turn to science, which tirelessly pursues its path of questioning.

The more we discover the universe, the less we get closer to God, the closer we get to God, the less we…?

There will then be important scholars to answer that it doesn’t matter, that we will all be dead, my brother, and that it is better to rejoice in the miracle of our existence.

I am a little bit of one of them, without claiming to have all their science. At the same time, I enjoy writing astrological reports for friends, I feed on the stories of others, I would like to dance with him, sing with the other, change with them.

Maybe if I put that pendant back on my neck…

First, I will have to clean up the oxidation that gnaws at it. There must be a recipe on the Internet for that.