A jellyfish is...

Modifié le : 2019/07/20

My first ex asked me a few days ago to look at his astrological chart. Although he is a university graduate, and that he will only give it one officially discreet ear, his heart urges him to enter the shaman’s tent. I understand the feeling; despite the volumes of scientific reasoning vaguely written on the subject, I have always kept with me the sky charts of my relatives and I also have looked from this corner of the animal eye at the answer that the stars could suggest to me.

I’m not leaving and I don’t want to leave debate here. I don’t read the generalized stupidity of astrologers. To be able to navigate these waters, you have to study, take and leave some.

For my ex, I had the reflex to go back and look at his whole life as the transits describe it to me. These are major themes, ideas, leads. I looked back in 1983, the year we split up. We were certainly very young, in our early days of love. I understood things that I will keep for myself and for him. Then I did the same exercise with my astrological data. By removing the abnormally high noise from this kind of calculations, I isolated the great travelers from the sky, their passages on sensitive points of my sky chart, discovered, with almost amazement that the arrival of each of my books was done under the aegis of Saturn, the sculptor.

At the end of 2014, however, it will be more stable, as if Les Mailles sanguines have to be harvested in the autumn of my art, beautiful and mature. There will be mainly Jupiter in the ascendant, which, in principle, indicates an important growth stage. I see big sails, hope.

Coming back to my beautiful ex (I still find him beautiful), I don’t know how to approach “his sky”. Not that I see any misfortune in it, but I finally know him so little. Thirty years went by without really knowing what the other was going through, was doing. If a psychologist needs to question the person in front of him at length before offering possible solutions to the problems raised, this is the case for the concerned astrologer. A chart is only a plan, a diagram, a Rosetta stone. Each one leads his boat as he sees fit, each one acts, conscious or not, according to the swell on the ocean. And the astrologer must know how his client led his boat.

I always thought that if one day I found myself penniless, without means, I would do as I did in 1984 when I was on social assistance. I would start making birth charts for others again. But the water has flowed well since then. I am a novelist who likes to tell stories. A birth chart is a good way to let your imagination run wild. I would probably be hesitant before playing the impostor of the future.

I’m not there either. Uranus was rising on the horizon when I was born. I am indeed a son of kaleidoscopic eyes. A tree is a tree, a tree is an antenna, an antenna is a jellyfish, a jellyfish is a madness, a madness…