A jellyfish is...

Modifié le : 2019/07/20

My first ex asked me a few days ago to look at his astro­log­i­cal chart. Although he is a uni­ver­si­ty grad­u­ate, and that he will only give it one offi­cial­ly dis­creet ear, his heart urges him to enter the shaman’s tent. I under­stand the feel­ing ; despite the vol­umes of sci­en­tif­ic rea­son­ing vague­ly writ­ten on the sub­ject, I have always kept with me the sky charts of my rel­a­tives and I also have looked from this cor­ner of the ani­mal eye at the answer that the stars could sug­gest to me.

I’m not leav­ing and I don’t want to leave debate here. I don’t read the gen­er­al­ized stu­pid­i­ty of astrologers. To be able to nav­i­gate these waters, you have to study, take and leave some.

For my ex, I had the reflex to go back and look at his whole life as the tran­sits describe it to me. These are major themes, ideas, leads. I looked back in 1983, the year we split up. We were cer­tain­ly very young, in our ear­ly days of love. I under­stood things that I will keep for myself and for him. Then I did the same exer­cise with my astro­log­i­cal data. By remov­ing the abnor­mal­ly high noise from this kind of cal­cu­la­tions, I iso­lat­ed the great trav­el­ers from the sky, their pas­sages on sen­si­tive points of my sky chart, dis­cov­ered, with almost amaze­ment that the arrival of each of my books was done under the aegis of Sat­urn, the sculptor.

At the end of 2014, how­ev­er, it will be more sta­ble, as if Les Mailles san­guines have to be har­vest­ed in the autumn of my art, beau­ti­ful and mature. There will be main­ly Jupiter in the ascen­dant, which, in prin­ci­ple, indi­cates an impor­tant growth stage. I see big sails, hope.

Com­ing back to my beau­ti­ful ex (I still find him beau­ti­ful), I don’t know how to approach “his sky”. Not that I see any mis­for­tune in it, but I final­ly know him so lit­tle. Thir­ty years went by with­out real­ly know­ing what the oth­er was going through, was doing. If a psy­chol­o­gist needs to ques­tion the per­son in front of him at length before offer­ing pos­si­ble solu­tions to the prob­lems raised, this is the case for the con­cerned astrologer. A chart is only a plan, a dia­gram, a Roset­ta stone. Each one leads his boat as he sees fit, each one acts, con­scious or not, accord­ing to the swell on the ocean. And the astrologer must know how his client led his boat.

I always thought that if one day I found myself pen­ni­less, with­out means, I would do as I did in 1984 when I was on social assis­tance. I would start mak­ing birth charts for oth­ers again. But the water has flowed well since then. I am a nov­el­ist who likes to tell sto­ries. A birth chart is a good way to let your imag­i­na­tion run wild. I would prob­a­bly be hes­i­tant before play­ing the impos­tor of the future.

I’m not there either. Uranus was ris­ing on the hori­zon when I was born. I am indeed a son of kalei­do­scop­ic eyes. A tree is a tree, a tree is an anten­na, an anten­na is a jel­ly­fish, a jel­ly­fish is a mad­ness, a madness…