A tenor cries

There are these melodies that seem to explain everything, these tunes that, even in a foreign language, seize us by the throat, pierce time and hearts. Some times galvanize memories and feelings like the romantic period.

My singing teacher submitted Lensky’s aria to me. Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin opera is said to be one of the most sung. It is a series of critical paintings on the Russian social life of the time. The story is inspired by a novel of Pushkin’s verses and, of course, may appear obsolete, ridiculous, cloak and dagger, especially revolvers and jealousy. In short, Onegin, a proud dandy, is irritated that a beauty prefers the fragile heart of the young poet Lensky. To get revenge, he chose to seduce the dizzy one. The pure Lensky is offended by it, provokes a duel in a thoughtless way Onegin who will end up killing them accidentally. The duel was prohibited in Russia at the time. So you had to pretend to shoot to show your courage. Lensky’s air is located just before this tragic fight.

It is a perfect air for the tenor, he can show his feathers and colors while remaining in the register of the broken heart. We immediately recognize the influence that this tune may have had on musicals like Cats, Notre-Dame. We hear the same chords and gone, the insistent desire of the heart to love, the regret of not being able to continue, the fatality, of course, the cry of the romantics killing themselves in advance, because eternity cannot be for them, for anyone of course…

It’s good to sing, it nourishes your soul as a Minuit, Christians. And everyone mourns the handsome Lensky, the ladies would so much like to possess his boiling heart in the intimacy of their sheets, the homosexuals would cover it with as much semen as they would with kisses.

Ah! the promises and lies of love… Weep, weep with me, my beautiful. We will always believe in it, we easily get on board the boat, even at older ages. Passion is not only for the young, regret is not only for the old. Everything contributes to orgasm and its intoxicating deaths. It’s so beautiful, a crying tenor.