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ABOULIE [abuli] n. f.
1883 ◇ greek aboulia « irreflexion », meaning modified from boulesthai “to want”
MED. A mental disorder characterized by a decrease or disappearance of will resulting in an inability to choose, decide, act. ➙ apathy.

I bought Le Petit Robert, an electronic version, trying to read words, expand vocabulary and expression. Knowing new words does not make you smarter, nor does it lead to the nirvana of consciousness. After all, it is a weapon that, in the hands of a warrior spirit, will do considerable harm. The nobility of the tool is nothing if the craftsman blinds himself or gets drunk. Or gets carried away.

A dictionary is among other things a cemetery. When there is no more space, the earth is stirred and moved to an ossuary. Many words only have meaning for dead people, past times. Most words are fine to live without. We need, what, two, three thousand? And the rest, this iceberg of signifiers, remains immersed in water known only to scientists, to some beautiful minds and also to automatons of literature who can write well and who often have the gift of saying nothing.

However, reading a dictionary is useful because it stirs up the earth of our habits. I don’t want to fall asleep, I chirp, I want to know more. People might suggest that I go to the gym, that it would also take my mind off things! I’m not saying no, just as I open up the antennas of possibilities, I’m listening again.

It is not a question of changing for a change, but of turning the humus around, because spring is not prepared until winter passes. I fear above all the collapse of my dreams, the loss of senses. The wise or conservative man could detect neurosis here. He won’t want to hear any of my big sentences. Maybe he would be right. I’m not saying no. But I’m not saying yes to him either.

Things can change, as the seasons macerate. The curious mind is the one that is closer to childhood. I have no desire to return to this temporary naivety. However, I want to continue to play with words, to dance with the possible.

ABSTÈME [apstɛm] adj. et n.
1596 ◇ latin abstemius
■ 1 DR. CAN. Who, out of natural repugnance, cannot commune with wine.
■ 2 DIDACT. Who refrains from drinking alcohol. ➙ clean, sober.n. Muslim, Hindu, Hindu abstinents.

I am not one of them.