Breaking our habits

It is not said often enough that we must always and always embark on a journey of self-discovery. We are too content with daily prayers that put us to sleep in a deadly ritual and blind us, make us believe that we are happy while misfortune makes us sugar endorphins.

Taking a step off the path feeds all the novels. We like to stuff ourselves with crises, because as the Greek origin of this word indicates, it forces us to make choices, for better or for worse.

It is our laziness of thinking that plunges us into the hell of a bad choice, while our honesty, our mirror, invariably guides us towards our truth. It is better to break your teeth to conquer your freedom than to rot your gums at the sweets of convenience.

Let us dare to live, let us dare to follow the unbeaten path, even if it is a question of small choices and small adventures. Once the varnish so hard of habits has cracked, our imperfections have the leisure to lead us to happiness.



  • Alain Beaudry

    Alain Beaudry 2018/11/18 16:16 0

    Trop souvent hélas nos habitudes nous tuent.
    C'est confortable, sécurisant, ça nous rassure mais de quoi avons-nous tant besoin ?
    De découvertes, d'aventures, de brassage de cage, de renouveau.
    La vie est courte et plus on avance et plus elle se rétrécie, alors plongeons même si l'inconnu ou pire le vide nous effraient.

  • Guy

    Guy 2018/11/18 18:29 0

    Voilà qui est fort bien dit!