Detail of a 1748 drawing describing the lunar eclipse that occurred at that time over London.


I was giv­en a title last week. Direc­tor of Strat­e­gy and Web Inte­gra­tion. The posi­tion had been in the air for about six months ; cir­cum­stances required that it be announced only after much con­sid­er­a­tion, a time that, I must admit, was desta­bi­liz­ing since I was in great need of cer­tain­ty after a misty per­son­al year.

The eyes of oth­ers became brighter when the pro­mo­tion was announced. It is through the eyes of oth­ers that his cred­i­bil­i­ty is built. I was told that “I deserved it”, that “we weren’t sur­prised”, that “it was in the nature of things”, that we orga­nized a small impromp­tu cock­tail and the next day, I changed my email sig­na­ture, announced it on LinkedIn, not to play the pea­cock, but to appro­pri­ate this title, because it’s not so nat­ur­al for me, the eter­nal worried.

I’ll be six­ty in a year. This pro­mo­tion comes after Sat­urn has turned twice around the Sun. It is the great Sat­urn­ian return of astrologers. Not every­one becomes a direc­tor at around this age, but this peri­od is sim­i­lar for every­one who suc­ceeds in reach­ing it.

When Sat­urn has danced twice, it is time to shake off what has accu­mu­lat­ed on his shoul­ders. You become mature. We har­vest or we do not har­vest, we are the only ones to put the weights in the bal­ance. Regard­less of what oth­ers think, only we can do this accounting.

Among the Romans, Sat­urn was cel­e­brat­ed with great feasts (sat­ur­na­lia). We cel­e­brat­ed order and peace. Hap­py is he or she who, on the eve of his or her 60th birth­day, enjoys sta­bil­i­ty and the feel­ing of a first duty accomplished.

For my part, I am emerg­ing from a misty time when I did­n’t real­ly plan and almost lost my house. The shift began at the end of 2013 when I left my self-employed sta­tus and for five years I was in sur­vival mode. It’s behind me, I think, the order has come back and I’m reap­ing a lit­tle of what I would have sown just by being me.

How long will this last ? Will I see Sat­urn’s third dance step ? Noth­ing is cer­tain, noth­ing has start­ed. I reopened my astrol­o­gy books, the ones I had aban­doned for about twen­ty years. This great metaphor that is astrol­o­gy (and not the one that is overused in the dai­ly chron­i­cles) has con­firmed to me the path accomplished.

Now I am thirsty for struc­ture, order, and con­tem­pla­tion too. I’m hun­gry for silence, for par­si­mo­ny. It is said that, very often, those who are assigned respon­si­bil­i­ties quick­ly devel­op the anx­i­ety of prov­ing some­thing. Many resign because they do not over­come their sense of being impos­tors. This is not my case and my pur­pose. I don’t feel this pres­sure. The impos­ture maybe, but not so much. I see this pro­mo­tion as fol­lows : I have been giv­en this posi­tion so that I can make my voice heard and help peo­ple around me to focus on meth­ods and prac­tices that will ben­e­fit the com­pa­ny and those who work there. In short, to pros­per, to reach our saturnials.

Sat­urn is time. It is often illus­trat­ed with the Great Reaper and can be used for a long time on the sym­bol­ic. This text is already too long, not very six­ty years old… What do you want, I don’t look my age…