Don't forget the butt.

Modifié le : 2019/08/04

Singing has become difficult for me, and that’s normal. I don’t know how to place myself anymore. If I have to unfold my back, lift it up, stretch the neck, move the mouth forward like a beta, I must not forget the butt that came out too much and that I must go home as if I had a dime to hold on to with the bottom line. And, the icing on the cake, I have to sing freely!

But that’s not all. I want to do too well, I want it to be perfect. I immediately declare it to my teacher who confirms to me that what I am doing is not beautiful… but correct at the level I am at, and that all this is normal. How good it is for me (“I get paid for it,” he replied, snide.)

I assimilate thoughts, I intellectualize perfectly what to do, and it gives absolutely nothing. Everything is in my head, my patient teacher adds in a barely veiled way.
And the damn graves! I can barely (but I will). Now, Vincent announces to me that he considers that I should be able to do a counter-B. Misery of the Holy Sky of singers! That high? I already have to take care of my butt!

I know where all this is supposed to lead me. Learning to sing is like doing renovations. We must tear down the old structures, the stubborn reflexes so that what is rebuilt is not just a cover-up. And there will come a day when I won’t think about the butt, the rib cage, the Pinocchio neck. I hope for spring because, in theory, I have an exam to take (this is the objective set). Then, in May, I will be able to sing the following, a Fauré piece that I have to learn. It almost looks like Vigneault. It was Fauré at the beginning, a little sweet, very French. It’ll change me from Italian!

I also have to learn this beautiful piece by Ernest Chausson. The interpretation below is particular, sung by an English-speaking woman who distorts French too much. But I don’t know why, I liked the singer’s attitude, both shy and shy.

These two pieces have the particularity of sometimes plunging into the bass. Nothing is free in this course, everything is useful for something! Thank you Vincent! (I know, you get paid for it… pfff)