Don't forget the butt.

Modifié le : 2019/08/04

Singing has become dif­fi­cult for me, and that’s nor­mal. I don’t know how to place myself any­more. If I have to unfold my back, lift it up, stretch the neck, move the mouth for­ward like a beta, I must not for­get the butt that came out too much and that I must go home as if I had a dime to hold on to with the bot­tom line. And, the icing on the cake, I have to sing freely !

But that’s not all. I want to do too well, I want it to be per­fect. I imme­di­ate­ly declare it to my teacher who con­firms to me that what I am doing is not beau­ti­ful… but cor­rect at the lev­el I am at, and that all this is nor­mal. How good it is for me (“I get paid for it,” he replied, snide.)

I assim­i­late thoughts, I intel­lec­tu­al­ize per­fect­ly what to do, and it gives absolute­ly noth­ing. Every­thing is in my head, my patient teacher adds in a bare­ly veiled way.
And the damn graves ! I can bare­ly (but I will). Now, Vin­cent announces to me that he con­sid­ers that I should be able to do a counter‑B. Mis­ery of the Holy Sky of singers ! That high ? I already have to take care of my butt !

I know where all this is sup­posed to lead me. Learn­ing to sing is like doing ren­o­va­tions. We must tear down the old struc­tures, the stub­born reflex­es so that what is rebuilt is not just a cov­er-up. And there will come a day when I won’t think about the butt, the rib cage, the Pinoc­chio neck. I hope for spring because, in the­o­ry, I have an exam to take (this is the objec­tive set). Then, in May, I will be able to sing the fol­low­ing, a Fau­ré piece that I have to learn. It almost looks like Vigneault. It was Fau­ré at the begin­ning, a lit­tle sweet, very French. It’ll change me from Italian !

I also have to learn this beau­ti­ful piece by Ernest Chaus­son. The inter­pre­ta­tion below is par­tic­u­lar, sung by an Eng­lish-speak­ing woman who dis­torts French too much. But I don’t know why, I liked the singer’s atti­tude, both shy and shy.

These two pieces have the par­tic­u­lar­i­ty of some­times plung­ing into the bass. Noth­ing is free in this course, every­thing is use­ful for some­thing ! Thank you Vin­cent ! (I know, you get paid for it… pfff)