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My teacher is cur­rent­ly impos­ing on me the study of the aria In Fer­nem Land, an archival aria of the Wag­ner­ian opera Lohen­grin. There are many inter­pre­ta­tions on the Inter­net, from the hon­eyed Kauf­mann to the impos­ing Windgassen. It is a melody that can play in the roman­tic pathos of Ger­man­ic or become more human, almost approach­ing the Amer­i­can musi­cal. It’s prob­a­bly a lit­tle like that, I guess, Wagner.

For me, the exer­cise is exhaust­ing. I am a small, old­ish tenor and, with­out any super­vi­sion, the dra­mat­ic throws of a sin­gle A look more like a mis­er­able note with­out echo. In this air, Lohen­grin describes that in a remote region, in a cas­tle called Montsal­vat, there is a tem­ple that holds a pre­cious trea­sure. “It’s the Grail!” he exclaims as he sings this dan­ger­ous E – A. When I sing that, I choke, I squeak, I shock, and from time to time, I pro­duce about what it takes.

Mis­ery of the Holy Grail ! It seems that this sim­ple inter­val describes my cur­rent existence…

I’m at this point, try­ing to move like a drunk­en old, almost dead pea­cock. Some­times I think it’s because I don’t believe in the text. I can’t real­ly feel it, or feel it this Lohen­grin. That’s not me, Wag­n­er… I have more plea­sure singing Lensky’s tear­ful aria. I also won­der why I insist, why I con­tin­ue. Cer­tain­ly not to go sing that in front of an audience.…

Well, a E – A here, a E – A there. At least, it evac­u­ates the mucus.…



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    ça a au moins l'avantage dégager les bronches...
    et travailler un exercice difficile...rendra les autres beaucoup plus aisés ????