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Easily submerged

Modifié le : 2016/09/03

In the morning, the night hastened to get dressed and leave us, vaguely promising us to come back. Our eyes pay little more attention to it, our thoughts gargle, our hands are activated.

It is tempting to accept the course of things, to suffer the wicked smiles of others, the lost and blindly guided glances towards the schedules to feed. It’s so easy to hurry.

I can’t escape it. Already this morning, it was breakfast, the shower, the bustling walk, a few shots, hop, click, click, urban noise, the beauty of the sky, the mismatched colors, the need to go to the ATM to deposit a cheque, the return home.

Nevertheless, I took up this task, which is not the same as taking the time to wake up during the day. I let my fingers think for me as I listen to the profound flow of my life. And I keep dreaming of those quiet days in my heart that may eventually come. But is it a decoy?

It is so easy to let yourself be overwhelmed, drowned, and to live innocently happy. Anyway, this morning, if I hadn’t taken the time to get my head out of the water, I wouldn’t have seen this sky scarred with clouds. I wouldn’t have realized that the day is by my side, in a cozy bed, and it’s nice to rest there.

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