Easily submerged

Modifié le : 2016/09/03

In the morn­ing, the night has­tened to get dressed and leave us, vague­ly promis­ing us to come back. Our eyes pay lit­tle more atten­tion to it, our thoughts gar­gle, our hands are activated.

It is tempt­ing to accept the course of things, to suf­fer the wicked smiles of oth­ers, the lost and blind­ly guid­ed glances towards the sched­ules to feed. It’s so easy to hurry.

I can’t escape it. Already this morn­ing, it was break­fast, the show­er, the bustling walk, a few shots, hop, click, click, urban noise, the beau­ty of the sky, the mis­matched col­ors, the need to go to the ATM to deposit a cheque, the return home.

Nev­er­the­less, I took up this task, which is not the same as tak­ing the time to wake up dur­ing the day. I let my fin­gers think for me as I lis­ten to the pro­found flow of my life. And I keep dream­ing of those qui­et days in my heart that may even­tu­al­ly come. But is it a decoy ?

It is so easy to let your­self be over­whelmed, drowned, and to live inno­cent­ly hap­py. Any­way, this morn­ing, if I had­n’t tak­en the time to get my head out of the water, I would­n’t have seen this sky scarred with clouds. I would­n’t have real­ized that the day is by my side, in a cozy bed, and it’s nice to rest there.