Modifié le : 2016/09/03

I would like to engrave my steps in a benevolent ground that would show future generations that I have been there, that my soul, dressed in its ancestor’s body, has bent over the footsteps of others, will have breathed an air that had already made thirty billion songs (I have counted them all), that there were, above these footsteps, dreams that were only wandering.

I would like to have this claim of eternity, that there will remain something of myself as there has remained something of all those forgotten who, like quantum sediments, have shaped the clay on which I am walking right now.

I would like to be able to come back one day, in the form of a cerebral dolphin, a university octopus, and to be able to examine the dust left here during my life.

I would like to write here that Men, Women, Transgender people, and Transgenics make it very difficult for themselves not to pursue happiness, that they are wired to violence, indifference, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Netflix.

I would like to be able to leave protest furrows against those priests of all cultures who beat women in small doses, who slowly crush the poor, who bathe in the blood of children just because they are so afraid of death and cling to Mahomets, Jesus, Buddhas, shivas of lies.

I would like my step on this soft ground to be well balanced, ineffective and fair, that it does not crush any ants, sorry for the bacteria, I do what I can.

I would like not to have to kill to feed myself, not to hurt to defend myself, to survive. I would like to be able to find a man, my mirror, who thinks the same thing, or my opposite who will take pleasure in contradicting me and laughing at me, who will kill himself to make me smile, who I will caress to make him forget his finitude. I would like to live with an artist or a worker, the most important thing being that he does in a bed what volcanoes do to people. I would like to be rich and futile, deep and drunk.

I live, I see. I am so happy to be both sad and complicated, like this writing jet, written in just ten minutes, in a single step.

I would like to be remembered because I will not be able to remember anything.