Facebook and the epidermis

Modifié le : 2019/07/29

We like storms when they can’t threaten comfort. Protected, we witness the energetic, even energizing rigors of the raging elements. We are happy, we feel pampered all the more so as a sense of security can only be vain and fleeting.

It is also true of these bubbles that are gradually forming in our social universe. We no longer touch each other, we stay behind the window of our digital space. We still accept the storm of others, but real feelings flow more into social networks, exsanguinated. A new culture is emerging, made surprisingly of words and visuals. Our alphabets are recreated differently.

I have been wanting, for some time, to get away from Facebook, to find smaller circles. However, since there is a large part of chance in human relationships, it seems more comfortable or faster to dive into the presto of social networks to maximize collisions.

But also. In the long run, I realize that very few of these collisions stand the test of time. The nature of our cybernetic relationships is radioactive, powerful, and then leaves, like sparkling water too much shaken. The more it gets agitated, I think, the more it goes back to the haunting platitude.

Nothing replaces the fusion of two bodies that cannot go beyond the frontier of their reality. What is transmitted from one epidermis to another bubbles up cements realities that are impossible to recreate with a smiley. But we are afraid to open the door; we often remain locked under our little wools.

I am the first to succumb to it, content and coward.