Facebook and the epidermis

Modifié le : 2019/07/29

We like storms when they can’t threat­en com­fort. Pro­tect­ed, we wit­ness the ener­getic, even ener­giz­ing rig­ors of the rag­ing ele­ments. We are hap­py, we feel pam­pered all the more so as a sense of secu­ri­ty can only be vain and fleeting.

It is also true of these bub­bles that are grad­u­al­ly form­ing in our social uni­verse. We no longer touch each oth­er, we stay behind the win­dow of our dig­i­tal space. We still accept the storm of oth­ers, but real feel­ings flow more into social net­works, exsan­guinat­ed. A new cul­ture is emerg­ing, made sur­pris­ing­ly of words and visu­als. Our alpha­bets are recre­at­ed differently.

I have been want­i­ng, for some time, to get away from Face­book, to find small­er cir­cles. How­ev­er, since there is a large part of chance in human rela­tion­ships, it seems more com­fort­able or faster to dive into the presto of social net­works to max­i­mize collisions.

But also. In the long run, I real­ize that very few of these col­li­sions stand the test of time. The nature of our cyber­net­ic rela­tion­ships is radioac­tive, pow­er­ful, and then leaves, like sparkling water too much shak­en. The more it gets agi­tat­ed, I think, the more it goes back to the haunt­ing platitude.

Noth­ing replaces the fusion of two bod­ies that can­not go beyond the fron­tier of their real­i­ty. What is trans­mit­ted from one epi­der­mis to anoth­er bub­bles up cements real­i­ties that are impos­si­ble to recre­ate with a smi­ley. But we are afraid to open the door ; we often remain locked under our lit­tle wools.

I am the first to suc­cumb to it, con­tent and coward.