Finding your words again

Modifié le : 2019/08/05

I com­plet­ed the read­ing of the Le Gar­di­en du feu and imme­di­ate­ly immersed myself in Let­ters to a young poet from Rilke. At the same time, I con­tin­ue in par­al­lel, the review of Les Mailles san­guines. The com­par­i­son of writ­ing breaths is inevitable even if crit­i­cism, as Rilke sug­gests in his first let­ter, is unnecessary.

Nev­er­the­less, these authors had a lit­er­ary back­ground that I do not have or that few con­tem­po­raries use. Today’s writ­ings seem to me to be more geo­met­ric, func­tion­al, pas­sion­ate about unusu­al mate­ri­als, unfit for inva­sion. Paper is no longer that frag­ile stone that accepts the pati­na of rewrit­ing by drop­ping traces, era­sures. Sheets on the table that we hes­i­tate to throw away. Now, the key­board is pow­er­ful ammo­nia, the words are washed, the sur­faces reduced to their zero pix­els. Unless too many ver­sions are kept too long to be checked, the loss is irreversible.

The first pages of my nov­el sud­den­ly seem very cold yet effi­cient. I still cross out sen­tences, I throw adverbs in the vir­tu­al bin, I elec­tron­i­cal­ly attach sen­tences as I am doing now, with the proof­read­ing of this post.

I keep in mind Rilke’s pre­cepts which, in my under­stand­ing, are expressed as fol­lows : if your heart asks you to write, lis­ten to what he has to say, do not impose any time lim­its on you, do not wor­ry about oth­ers, they will only under­stand you if you, only you, can remain faith­ful to who you are. And if, in the end, they don’t hear you, it does­n’t mat­ter, the cre­ators remain alone and will still have made a dif­fi­cult jour­ney. Those oth­ers also have their pas­sions, their soli­tudes. They’re no worse or bet­ter than you. Their adven­ture is dif­fer­ent. Final­ly, if your heart asks you to write, don’t write the great things, look for the shad­ow, the tiny, the intan­gi­ble, for­get the great themes. You will then dis­cov­er that eter­nal light will intox­i­cate each of your moments and you will reach the sum­mits that you had to explore, far from those already mapped so many times.