Gérald Godin or the incarnate poet

Modifié le : 2019/08/07

Last night, on Télé-Québec, I watched the excel­lent doc­u­men­tary Godin. The incar­na­tion of this poet is mov­ing, we come to regret this time when the polit­i­cal cause seemed to take on its full mean­ing. Godin was prob­a­bly ahead of his time and, by Jacques Parizeau’s own admis­sion, had under­stood very well that nation­al­ism was about includ­ing immi­grant peoples.

We hear Godin telling us that there are poets who look at each oth­er’s bel­lies and that he is not one of them. He was not loved by intel­lec­tu­als. Watch­ing this doc­u­men­tary chal­lenges us and forces us to ques­tion the seri­ous­ness of our convictions.

If there were more Godin on Earth, there might be as many wars, but who knows, there might be few­er, and politi­cians would be able to build and guide large ships.

I am curi­ous to read the love let­ter between him and his beau­ti­ful Pauline, espe­cial­ly since their rela­tion­ship was some­times stormy. The storm… when it is beau­ti­ful, has noth­ing to envy the calm of philosophers.