Hand wash

My dish­wash­er is not what it used to be. Pur­chased in Octo­ber 2008, it began to show signs of severe fatigue six months ago. The soap con­tain­er door no longer clos­es, its replace­ment cost is pro­hib­i­tive, and it is now the upper tray that no longer real­ly cleans. Best of all, it’s a Ken­more. Sears has gone bankrupt.

I’m the kind of per­son who takes good care of the devices. I pam­per them, give them their reg­u­lar dose of spe­cial­ized clean­ers. But noth­ing does. Ten years have now become the stan­dard for replac­ing large equip­ment. All I hope is that my refrig­er­a­tor and stove, bought at the same time as my dish­wash­er, will last longer. I’m also not ready to put $300 in the repair when a new device would only cost me twice as much for anoth­er ten years of ser­vice. I will, there­fore, reserve the tasks of the dish­wash­er to be cleaned in the first tray.

In the mean­time, I decid­ed to buy a small sink tray and a nice dish rack. We will say that the exer­cise is sim­ple, “zen” and PER­HAPS eco­nom­i­cal. It’s not bad either, although you still have to be care­ful when han­dling glass­es or cups, because that too is not as strong as it looks. At the slight­est shock, your small cof­fee cup, prob­a­bly pro­duced in Chi­na, is as brit­tle as stardust.

One thing is sure, how­ev­er. My dish­es are now much clean­er. I will also be able to use the mon­ey saved to repair the house built in the 1930s, which is more durable and still shows increas­ing signs of high fatigue.



  • Christian

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    C'est tellement plus zen de laver a la main... et puis, vider un lave vaisselle, c'est la tache la plus plate du monde.
    Une de mes connaissances a eu la brillante idee de superposer 2 lave vaisselles... et la vaisselle fait des va et vient de l'un a l'autre - il a de cette facon sauver l'installation d'armoires pour ranger celle-ci.
    Je ne sais si ses electros durent plus longtemps que le tiens... il aura peut-etre une surprise bientot :)