Hand wash

My dishwasher is not what it used to be. Purchased in October 2008, it began to show signs of severe fatigue six months ago. The soap container door no longer closes, its replacement cost is prohibitive, and it is now the upper tray that no longer really cleans. Best of all, it’s a Kenmore. Sears has gone bankrupt.

I’m the kind of person who takes good care of the devices. I pamper them, give them their regular dose of specialized cleaners. But nothing does. Ten years have now become the standard for replacing large equipment. All I hope is that my refrigerator and stove, bought at the same time as my dishwasher, will last longer. I’m also not ready to put $300 in the repair when a new device would only cost me twice as much for another ten years of service. I will, therefore, reserve the tasks of the dishwasher to be cleaned in the first tray.

In the meantime, I decided to buy a small sink tray and a nice dish rack. We will say that the exercise is simple, “zen” and PERHAPS economical (see this). It’s not bad either, although you still have to be careful when handling glasses or cups, because that too is not as strong as it looks. At the slightest shock, your small coffee cup, probably produced in China, is as brittle as stardust.

One thing is sure, however. My dishes are now much cleaner. I will also be able to use the money saved to repair the house built in the 1930s, which is more durable and still shows increasing signs of high fatigue.



  • Christian

    Christian 2019/11/04 16:09 0

    C'est tellement plus zen de laver a la main... et puis, vider un lave vaisselle, c'est la tache la plus plate du monde.
    Une de mes connaissances a eu la brillante idee de superposer 2 lave vaisselles... et la vaisselle fait des va et vient de l'un a l'autre - il a de cette facon sauver l'installation d'armoires pour ranger celle-ci.
    Je ne sais si ses electros durent plus longtemps que le tiens... il aura peut-etre une surprise bientot :)