Happiness monsters

Modifié le : 2019/08/07

As win­ter arrives, a strange phe­nom­e­non occurs on the bal­conies. Deformed enti­ties, from who knows what night­mare, come to life. Some move around like they have asth­ma, oth­ers, more sto­ic, look at you with a nasty Jok­er look. We just want to call Bat­man to reas­sure and pro­tect us.

This usu­al­ly lasts for one sea­son and dis­ap­pears with the house­’s nose cov­er that Tem­po shel­ters are. All the neigh­bor­hoods seem to be affect­ed, but for­tu­nate­ly, mine is not too con­cerned. It must be said that the mafia is very close (FTQ) and is keep­ing an eye on things. There can only be one Dou­ble-Face on a territory.