He would have been naked, he wouldn't have seen the difference

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

The wind is raw this morn­ing. It has snowed a thin lay­er, but the sky is grey, the wind remains hor­i­zon­tal as if it would have liked to be a storm. Despite my win­ter clothes, my sheep hat, I’m cold, freezing.

And in front of me, three young peo­ple, two of whom are ade­quate­ly dressed. But the one in the cen­ter does­n’t seem to be cold. Small open leather jack­et, a sim­ple t‑shirt, smil­ing face, noth­ing shiv­er­ing in him. He does­n’t walk in a hur­ry, chats nice­ly with his girl­friend whom he kiss­es from time to time.

I fol­low them to the sub­way. The boy does not accel­er­ate the pace, even allows him­self to tie a shoe, no glove. I’m not sure he’s wear­ing under­wear. He would have been naked that he cer­tain­ly would­n’t have seen the dif­fer­ence. Is he on drugs or what ? Or is it my prostate play­ing tricks on me ? I’m cold for him ! I feel like I’m becom­ing his moth­er and kick­ing his neck. Go get dressed, you’ll catch a cold !

And he prob­a­bly answers me, hag­gard : “Huh ? »