Help yourself and iWatch will help you

My com­pa­ny is gen­er­ous. It offers an annu­al amount that allows us to invest in every­thing that allows us to move and improve our health. This ranges from ski pass to yoga class­es to the pur­chase of equip­ment, includ­ing com­put­er­ized mea­sur­ing gad­gets. The goal behind this phil­an­thropy is to keep us in the office. But few peo­ple take advan­tage of it, and it’s good enough to be able to enjoy such a small budget.

Since I already had an ellip­ti­cal in my apart­ment sleep­ing in its dust, I decid­ed to buy an iWatch. The amount donat­ed by the com­pa­ny paid for half of it. At first, I felt a bit stu­pid to use the mon­ey for such a gad­get. All I had to do, after all, was get on my ellip­ti­cal and start ped­al­ing again…

I had oth­er rea­sons, how­ev­er, for tak­ing up the offer. My neigh­bor had shown me every­thing that could be mea­sured and done with such a watch. The heart, sleep, calls to med­i­ta­tion, num­ber of steps, prompts to get out of one’s chair, mea­sure­ment of phys­i­cal activ­i­ty, run­ning, walk­ing, yoga, all with a points pro­gram and medals that only serve as an incen­tive to do some­thing. You either get on board, or you don’t, but when you get on board, the device will play­ful­ly accom­pa­ny you.

I also had anoth­er rea­son. I know my heart is beat­ing faster than aver­age. Let’s say that it is more at rest around 80 beats per minute than the 5060 beats of my neigh­bors ! I’ve been seden­tary my whole life, and it seems so.

I nev­er do any­thing by halves and as soon as I bought the device, I got an appli­ca­tion to mea­sure sleep, I start­ed short 15 to 20-minute ses­sions of gen­tle ellip­ti­cal in the morn­ing while try­ing to increase the effort. I get up when the watch tells me to do so, I take good breaths when it’s time (every­thing can be set at own’s con­ve­nience, noth­ing mil­i­tary either). They call these moments of mind­ful­ness. It’s a bit sil­ly, but still, after my four breaths, I can see that the heart rate drops a few beats per minute.

That’s the main util­i­ty of this type of mea­sure, to see the pos­i­tive con­se­quences, some­times almost instan­ta­neous, of such and such actions focused on well-being.

Two months have passed, and I feel improve­ment here and there, start­ing with a vis­i­ble refine­ment in the bel­ly (I’m becom­ing a sexy old man), a bet­ter skin, but also a knee sen­si­tiv­i­ty that I was not aware of. So I have to adjust my effort, oth­er­wise, my kneecaps won’t be able to fol­low for a long time.

Remark­ably, or the oppo­site, in fact, my blood sug­ar lev­el that I have been con­trol­ling for a long time does not move. Exer­cise has no effect on my blood sug­ar lev­els. That’s some­thing to look into. I also see a slow but def­i­nite improve­ment in my heart rate.

The most intrigu­ing thing is sleep. Although I have had to get used to keep­ing a watch overnight, I like to get up in the morn­ing and com­pare how I feel about my night and what the watch says. I have also com­pared it with my neigh­bor. We do not have the same sleep­ing rhythm at all. He sleeps lit­tle, some­times severe­ly, but he dives hap­pi­ly into a deep sleep, while I tend to make small jumps in the night abyss even though I have excel­lent sleep health in the end. I’ve also seen the effects of nap­ping. It usu­al­ly puts you into a deep sleep very quickly !

Does this change any­thing in my life ? It’s still too ear­ly to tell. Maybe I’ll get tired of want­i­ng to know every­thing. But I am get­ting old­er, and these devices are evolv­ing. Fib­ril­la­tion can already be detect­ed, but what will be detect­ed in the near future ? Well, the future is prob­a­bly in implants…

Lit­tle by lit­tle, we are becom­ing gen­tle, docile, and indo­lent machines, for the bet­ter and for the worse of humanity’s mad rush. Well, that’s not all, my watch tells me to get up…