I am a Westerner

Modifié le : 2019/07/21

The music is bewitch­ing, seems to come from a pearl of wis­dom per­fect­ly adapt­ed to the aes­thet­ic canons of the rich and idle West. The images, deli­cious­ly arranged, promise us mys­tery, mad­ness, dis­cov­ery and above all rest for our frayed souls.

This adver­tis­ing is part of the great lie that is seduc­tion. Ker­ala does­n’t live like this. Just yes­ter­day, I was watch­ing a report by “Faut pas rêver” (TV5) about that region. Cer­tain­ly, there is all this, this mys­ti­cism, this reli­gion in every ges­ture, this impor­tance of the hair that is cut into sac­ri­fice to I don’t know which benef­i­cent god, hair that is then treat­ed behind the tem­ples and sold, at a high price, to the white women of Europe or to the Yel­low of the oth­er regions. Because moder­ni­ty has dried up the nat­ur­al hair and only women in Ker­ala still have an intact mane. This is, after all, the land of God.

In this coun­try, accord­ing to this report, we are hap­py to give, no mat­ter if vul­tures trade your flesh, as long as the friend­ly ges­ture we make towards God brings us happiness.

It is there­fore always a ques­tion of bal­ance. Every­one is hap­py if they reach the right posi­tion, the right pres­ence in the face of noth­ing­ness. Every­one makes their nest, sur­ren­ders body and soul to their des­tiny. Good if the heav­en­ly streams flow towards our veins, good if our dis­ci­pline of exis­tence trans­ports us into an eter­nal and intan­gi­ble dream.

I too am a reli­gious being, I have my own rit­u­als, my own temp­ta­tions of belief. I’d like to be that lady in that video, I’d like to be in Kerala.

I am a Westerner.