I am

Modifié le : 2019/08/05

There are mag­nif­i­cent land­scapes that my gaze will nev­er encounter, expe­ri­ences that my heart will nev­er be able to reach, thoughts whose genius will escape me forever.

I am con­tent with a cor­ner of the sun hang­ing from a win­dow, whip­ping despair with a zen blow, sur­prised to per­sist, stub­born, like those monks who, trapped in the jail of their con­science, focus their vision on a thin stream of light.

I look like those oxy­gen atoms that, expelled from the super­novas, some­times are ruby, some­times flood the plan­ets. I am the whole uni­verse and noth­ing at once. Liv­ing, unique, and insignificant.

I am an insect skat­ing qui­et­ly on the sur­face of the water. A naked man plugged into his bed, into the Inter­net that chal­lenges him.

I am a man­i­fes­ta­tion of life. And that still sur­pris­es me.