If God is light, he is little

Modifié le : 2019/07/30

Light is impor­tant to us. With our nar­row eyes, we swoon for a glow, a flower, a sun, or a vol­cano. The moon will have fright­ened gen­er­a­tions of souls, light­ning will have preached to many spir­its, legions of princes and kings will have wield­ed gold and sil­ver and thus sub­dued entire peo­ples by the mere demon­stra­tion of a sparkle.

Now, the light, how­ev­er pow­er­ful it may be, is in the blink of an eye obscured by any stone, by the first dense object that comes along. The pho­tons stop sud­den­ly, absorbed by the opac­i­ty of things.

At least, that’s our per­cep­tion. Our dai­ly Uni­verse is made up of mis­lead­ing reflec­tions and opti­cal illu­sions. And what about the oth­ers, those dogs that see in black and white, those moths that sniff more than they look, those bats that per­ceive the path through the echo it pro­duces. In the end, if God is Light, he is little.

The mate­r­i­al is a kalei­do­scope of var­i­ous den­si­ties. From this play is born the radi­a­tion which, in suc­ces­sive wave steps, spreads and swells. It is not sur­pris­ing to lose one’s Latin. There would be no light with­out its absence, no won­der with­out this name­less pres­ence that is called, in the lack of a bet­ter under­stand­ing, the Uni­verse. Don’t you feel the con­stant vibra­tion of the ham­mer against the anvil ?

To per­ceive beyond con­trasts, Chi­nese shad­ows, pla­ton­ic rays, let us begin by clos­ing our eyes so that, before the light reach­es the brain, it is stopped at the doors of our under­stand­ing. Ques­tion your per­cep­tions, look dif­fer­ent­ly, no longer obey these bright ideas that push you to kill and judge. You are swim­ming in a beau­ti­ful inno­cence. May you find there your thirst and your lost child­ish delirium.