Photo : Nasa

In the eye of the universe

Modifié le : 2019/08/03

What will we have lived, dreamed, and learned ? What will we be tomor­row, in a cen­tu­ry ? Tomor­row, I don’t know. And only the uni­verse, if it has a con­science, will see the con­tin­u­a­tion of our rides.

Anoth­er galac­tic ecsta­sy is already being nur­tured else­where in which will give rise to flash­es of con­scious­ness. Our emo­tions are fee­ble stars, our demands are weak wills. Our Igno­rance is our god.

When you are so small, you can only keep qui­et, drink with the spir­it of the times, feed your­self with the tiny fire of your thoughts.

What will be our hap­pi­ness, our food ? How would I know that ?

As a child, I had the same nightmare/​dream over and over. I could see the whole uni­verse rush­ing into the eye of a nee­dle. I kept a sense of won­drous fear. And our sci­en­tists talk about sin­gu­lar­i­ty, the hori­zon to which we do not return, rel­a­tive space-time, the eter­nal uni­verse, unpre­dictable possibilities.

My thirst is huge, drowns me. The void, beyond our air, is pop­u­lat­ed by unknown peo­ple that we will nev­er be able to imagine.

We are fireflies.