Into the English sea

My first editor, the beautiful Antonio d’Alfonso, had already told me, a few years after the publication of my little book, and in front of the silence that had been granted, that I should learn to write in English, the rhythm and oxymorons of my sentences lending themselves, it seems, more to Shakespeare than to Molière.

I smiled at the time, seeing myself heading badly in that direction. I must say that I have never had a course in my life. Things were what they were meant to be, and I don’t think I was that much of a master of my destiny.

As time went by, the writings remained in French. If I don’t think I will write another significant text, I stay with the small steps that are these irregular promenades.

One thing has changed, however, and that is the technology surrounding translation. Artificial intelligence is now also becoming so and, if it is not human, it succeeds in getting the message across in another language.

So it occurred to me that it was a whim to translate my website. The website Deepl offers the first draft, and the Grammarly application refines it all. I have not yet decided to pay for the premium version (for example, this very text has 13 pitfalls that I can’t see unless I pay for that premium fee). I am satisfied with what is free. To translate my books is still far beyond budgets, subsidies, and above all, the interest of others.

I don’t know why, there is Mars in the ascendant encouraging me to act on my appearance, on the expression of my mask. In two or three years there will be Pluto who will rise at the descendant, indicating a potential for the arrival of significant people in my life. In 2020 and 2021, I will also have the severe Saturn prepare the ground in the same area, but also the flourishing Jupiter. The scientific mind will laugh at these explanations and will find it difficult to see me consulting the omens of the universe. It doesn’t matter, because the very essence of my inspiration is to understand the rhythm of beings and things. Creation is first and foremost a witch who will always have the upper hand over deception.

I have no goals, no ideas, no hopes. I’m living what I have to live.

The exercise is also fun and intriguing. Reading in another language allows a distance that is not without learning. My intention is not to write directly in English, but rather to increase the volume. Who knows? Help yourself, and the sky will help you, astrologer troubadours have always said. I thus have the desire to extend the horizons, to throw into a giant sea the few papers that will have served as lace to my thoughts.