Like a cat

I saw his sil­hou­ette cross­ing the branch­es. He was back­ing away from me, work­ing near what is prob­a­bly the kitchen table. I stopped for a while, like a cat in love with the move­ment that takes place in front of him.

I asked myself a thou­sand ques­tions in a few sec­onds. Ques­tions or fan­tasies are dif­fi­cult to define at this quan­tum speed. My only cer­tain­ty is that I was able to see my exis­tence frozen in the win­dow, to observe anoth­er man.

I went back to mak­ing my bread, then con­cen­trat­ed on the door mold­ings that I figured.

This insis­tence on belong­ing to some­one or pos­sess­ing them… Like a cat ?