Like the orange of a clementine

The year 2018 is over. The company I work for offers its employees the time off between the two holidays. Tomorrow, I’m going back to work. I took advantage of the week to complete the woodwork in the large room. Fortunately, I did not “work” for the office. I was able to read, listen to lots of videos, meditate and sing while putting the last mouldings around my funny ceiling lights.

My house was built slowly. We can now see the end of the mess. By 2020, I believe, it will all be over. I will certainly have to refresh the office, because it is no longer an office. I will also have to put doors in place sometime… The more I think it ends, the more I see that there are still so many things to do. Kind of like life, you know.

This afternoon, I was able to vacuum the large room and I took the opportunity to remove the dust in my room and in the kitchen. We are the First of the Year. The sun is still dropping very early. That’s when I saw that light I love so much. If I have a regret not to work at home anymore, it is that I can no longer witness the sun that baths my kitchen in the afternoon.

I took out two clementines, attracted a bench to sit on and give me perspective. I peeled both fruits. The taste, both sweet and sour and cold, was good for me. On the counter, everyday objects and those that betray the activity of the moment. My medicines distributed in two pill boxes, salt and pepper, butter dish. I have to take the scraps and tools down to the basement, but I won’t do it until I have some space and cleaning in the cellar. It is difficult not to accumulate, because, like squirrels, we make reserves to either tinker or, in our old age, remind ourselves that we must strip ourselves of our belongings. In fact, these scraps that I have been carrying around since the beginning of my work have been useful to me again this afternoon. I had more mouldings than I thought. And I have tools that I forget to use.

No problem, I took a deep breath, four or five times, while eating my clementines. I observed the light, the existence, the things, and I only told myself one thing, that maybe I will say something about it later.

The light of dusk resembles the solitude of our bodies. You can hear all the largesse of the universe.

A new number will haunt us for 364 days and then we’ll let him go. Humanity is also accumulating a lot of things in its memory. Too bad she doesn’t clean her cellar often, maybe she’d end up using the wisdom she abandoned, we don’t know when… Happy New Year to all, silky happy, especially in good health. Love each other, as little Jesus said, as well as all the prophets and animals on the planet. Seek balance in everything and remember the fading light of days. It is the most delicious, orange like a clementine, acid like oxygen that keeps you alive.