Living your symbols

My weekends are a long succession of small households, garbage bins. Too many objects and papers that only fill the space of an apartment too big for me. While searching through my folders, I took a break to explore my old astrological records. This quiet hobby dates back about forty years, and as I said in the previous post, I have recently tended to reconnect with the fascination that human beings have for understanding their existence by parabolising it with the mobility of the stars.

I don’t give a damn what anyone can say about it. Help yourself and heaven will help you is one of the first principles of philosophical astrology. We are masters of our destinies just as we are undoubtedly stuck in a space-time that totally escapes us.

I did astrological consulting when I was penniless. I have always claimed that when I grow old, I will get lost on a southern beach and entertain tourists. Philippe’s character in Falaise is a bit like that.

When I opened my shriveled files, I came across my symbolic period. At the time, I felt the desire to create my own symbols. On the top picture, you can see on the right the interpretation I made of the signs and planets (the informed eye will see in the traditional map presented on the left an error regarding the placement of Jupiter). I loved these symbols, I always liked to invent, not to say things like the others. In this period of purification, I do not see in this creative desire of the time a desire to complicate my life unnecessarily, but the expression of my intrinsic search, to blend into personal symbols that, sooner or later, become universal within me.

I listen to the world again, I walk around differently. Well, my sister recently had an accident that fortunately only shook her up. Mars was passing over his ascendant. This planet transits on this point about every two years, as it does for each of our lives. My sister doesn’t have an accident every two years. The astrological symbolism is elsewhere. The waves are higher at this time. Our energies, frustrated or liberated, cause sparks. Hemingway took his own life during such a passage. In 2013, I decided to leave my status as a self-employed worker. In 2015, I don’t know anything about it except for some nice reviews in the media for Falaise published six months earlier. In 2017, I regained control of my financial destiny. Each time, a little help without having prepared it.

The idea is not to say to yourself that it was marked in the sky, which is not true but to dive into the mirror of the universe to understand our personal legend.

I always liked to tell stories, lie or tell the truth. The cycle of our tiny and immense (depending on the point of view) solar system in which we are immersed is without a doubt the best god I can invent for myself. And the wisest and most relentless.



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