Living your symbols

My week­ends are a long suc­ces­sion of small house­holds, garbage bins. Too many objects and papers that only fill the space of an apart­ment too big for me. While search­ing through my fold­ers, I took a break to explore my old astro­log­i­cal records. This qui­et hob­by dates back about forty years, and as I said in the pre­vi­ous post, I have recent­ly tend­ed to recon­nect with the fas­ci­na­tion that human beings have for under­stand­ing their exis­tence by parabolis­ing it with the mobil­i­ty of the stars.

I don’t give a damn what any­one can say about it. Help your­self and heav­en will help you is one of the first prin­ci­ples of philo­soph­i­cal astrol­o­gy. We are mas­ters of our des­tinies just as we are undoubt­ed­ly stuck in a space-time that total­ly escapes us.

I did astro­log­i­cal con­sult­ing when I was pen­ni­less. I have always claimed that when I grow old, I will get lost on a south­ern beach and enter­tain tourists. Philippe’s char­ac­ter in Falaise is a bit like that.

When I opened my shriv­eled files, I came across my sym­bol­ic peri­od. At the time, I felt the desire to cre­ate my own sym­bols. On the top pic­ture, you can see on the right the inter­pre­ta­tion I made of the signs and plan­ets (the informed eye will see in the tra­di­tion­al map pre­sent­ed on the left an error regard­ing the place­ment of Jupiter). I loved these sym­bols, I always liked to invent, not to say things like the oth­ers. In this peri­od of purifi­ca­tion, I do not see in this cre­ative desire of the time a desire to com­pli­cate my life unnec­es­sar­i­ly, but the expres­sion of my intrin­sic search, to blend into per­son­al sym­bols that, soon­er or lat­er, become uni­ver­sal with­in me.

I lis­ten to the world again, I walk around dif­fer­ent­ly. Well, my sis­ter recent­ly had an acci­dent that for­tu­nate­ly only shook her up. Mars was pass­ing over his ascen­dant. This plan­et tran­sits on this point about every two years, as it does for each of our lives. My sis­ter does­n’t have an acci­dent every two years. The astro­log­i­cal sym­bol­ism is else­where. The waves are high­er at this time. Our ener­gies, frus­trat­ed or lib­er­at­ed, cause sparks. Hem­ing­way took his own life dur­ing such a pas­sage. In 2013, I decid­ed to leave my sta­tus as a self-employed work­er. In 2015, I don’t know any­thing about it except for some nice reviews in the media for Falaise pub­lished six months ear­li­er. In 2017, I regained con­trol of my finan­cial des­tiny. Each time, a lit­tle help with­out hav­ing pre­pared it.

The idea is not to say to your­self that it was marked in the sky, which is not true but to dive into the mir­ror of the uni­verse to under­stand our per­son­al legend.

I always liked to tell sto­ries, lie or tell the truth. The cycle of our tiny and immense (depend­ing on the point of view) solar sys­tem in which we are immersed is with­out a doubt the best god I can invent for myself. And the wis­est and most relentless.



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