Narcissus' discipline

Modifié le : 2019/07/13

What you’re look­ing for is look­ing for you. The state­ment was read on Face­book, the inex­haustible lake where mod­ern times began. Sev­er­al truths over­lap here. We search, we search for our­selves, we hope to be found so that we can final­ly find each oth­er as if the inner jour­ney had to pass through anoth­er soul.

I asked myself the ques­tion. What am I look­ing for ? A sec­ond me ? A lake ? What will I find ? What am I sup­posed to find out ? Does­n’t our road pro­vide a land­scape plunged into dark­ness and ignorance ?

There are so few cer­tain­ties. Every­thing is rein­vent­ed when you take a look at it. That is why the oth­er is so impor­tant, this is how the con­stant­ly renewed dawn of knowl­edge unfolds. Your eyes are my mir­ror, my eyes pre­vent you from pierc­ing my depth and send you back to yours. When we touch each oth­er, we must close our eyes and keep silent, when we speak, we must stop touch­ing each oth­er and run to the ears anx­ious­ly look­ing for a drug to sat­is­fy, love or die-love for a spark.

The oth­er of course, the one from whom, for a few mil­len­nia, we have been draw­ing our desires, let us pray it/​him/​her. This Oth­er, this God, this Death, this Shi­va, Natara­ja, what else ? Let us pray in this direc­tion, where we will return after danc­ing, singing, enjoy­ing his/​its/​her name, in the arms of fire­flies, pale copies just as reli­gious as us, just as dis­ci­plined or stub­born to recre­ate the face of our amazement.