Noah's Ark in the attic

Modifié le : 2019/07/23

For the past three weeks, a cat has been liv­ing in the attic, an area about 20 cm high that pro­vides a cer­tain amount of insu­la­tion in the house through its own vac­u­um. Our build­ing is old, the goose­necks used to ven­ti­late the struc­ture are rusty as wrecks on the bot­tom of the water, so the slats of one of them, which are used to counter the inva­sion of the ani­mals, have fall­en. Hence the pres­ence of the young cat who will prob­a­bly have climbed the neigh­bor’s ash tree and, unable to go down, it is a stu­pid cat, found refuge on our roof and then found the ide­al hid­ing place.

My neigh­bor on the ground floor recounts in great detail his attempts to tame the beast (see The Cat). The adven­ture, which may seem rather fun­ny, began to change its tone when one or two rac­coons arrived attract­ed by the food offered to the cat. At first, we thought we had chased them away after cut­ting off the famous branch that allows such easy access to the roof.

It’s a waste of time. This morn­ing, I was wok­en up by the sound of unbal­anced foot­steps. 6:00AM. It can’t be the neigh­bor. He’s more of a bat type ; at this time of day, he’s asleep. As the noise does not fade, I fear the worst. It is Sep­tem­ber, some ani­mals are prepar­ing for win­ter and are look­ing for the best place to face the impend­ing cold. We have not yet put the goose­neck back in place, out of respect for Mr. the cat who will have to leave one day or anoth­er, all the same. We even cre­at­ed a shel­ter above the open­ing so that the rain would not dam­age the roof.

I decide to go upstairs and see what hap­pens. I bring my cam­era, open the hatch and fall on the cat off the roof, the round back and the head of the rac­coon com­ing out of the ven­ti­la­tion pipe chew­ing some­thing. Fur­ther away, a furi­ous squir­rel is shak­ing. That explains a lot. The squir­rel will also have dis­cov­ered the hide­out and placed its ware­house there, but since Nature is at its smartest and strongest, the rac­coon does not care about the fate of this oth­er rat. As for the cat, he can go and get dressed.

While it knows how to main­tain a grace­ful bal­ance in its quest for sur­vival, the ani­mal world does not do so in the lace. At the strongest pock­et, as Que­beck­ers know so well how to say. Any­way, my attic is not a Noah’s Ark. I like ani­mals, I’ve already giv­en. I don’t want to end up with the 101 Dal­ma­tians ver­sion of pest rac­coons. Since my liv­ing room is under ren­o­va­tion, since I have access, with a well felt saw cut, to the top, I take out the heavy artillery. I will open and use all means to chase away intrud­ers. Some have sug­gest­ed light, a radio, the Valkyrie loop or a pic­ture of a politi­cian… any oth­er ideas ?