There are moments best lived with­out think­ing, hold­ing one’s mind and body straight in the geom­e­try of exis­tence. Every­thing would be a holo­gram ? A tiny part of one­self would only be the exis­ten­tial reflec­tion of a Con­scious­ness out­side our sens­es, our skin not being an exoskele­ton, but an ephemer­al mem­brane cross­ing worlds and possibilities.

All it takes is a moment, on the way back from the gro­cery store, while wait­ing for the green light to cross the street, turn­ing around and see­ing the radi­ance of this tree on a blue back­ground. An intense green, a crazy light, a ran­dom blue, and the sound of the Met­ro­pol­i­tan, out­ra­geous­ly real­is­tic, for­eign to the silence of my ramblings.

There is nei­ther sad­ness nor joy in this world. There is only the neu­tral present that offers our sil­ver­fish iris­es trees of faith and calls to obedience.