Of growth

Modifié le : 2019/08/07

The cold does­n’t seem to want to let go any longer. The lit­tle snow that fell dur­ing the night looks like opaque ice, the objects no longer move (they were already not run­ning), the hous­es look like old ladies. The walk will have been short for me, the work calls me, but I still got some air.

I could have worked all evening, but I did­n’t. I went to rehearse with the oth­er cho­ris­ters for next Sun­day’s con­cert. A few days ago, Mr. Jean-Coutu-the-rich report­ed­ly said that he found peo­ple too fam­i­ly-ori­ent­ed, that they did not have their hearts set on work, that it hurt busi­ness, that he could not find peo­ple to work. Well, that’s not it, Mr. Coutu. There are forms of growth that do not turn into green­backs ; they only man­i­fest them­selves in emo­tions and self-real­iza­tion. You have to live, Mr. Coutu. Your growth mod­el makes the plan­et sick, and so do we (after that, you’re hap­py to sell us your pills). So get off our backs and give your employ­ees bet­ter work­ing con­di­tions. You’ll see, they’ll grow as much and so will your cash drawer.