Of our astonishment

Modifié le : 2019/08/08

Every day brings its share of stim­uli, enrich­ment, injury, ner­vous­ness, joys, uncon­scious, mechan­i­cal (and some­times rare vol­un­tary) gestures.

When I had dogs, even fur­ther back in the past, I had to be out­doors, four times a day. My gaze lin­gered on every­thing and noth­ing, on my dogs, their drop­pings, their plea­sures, on the walk­ers, the stu­dents who would grum­ble into knowl­edge, the work­ers, the sec­re­taries, the tech­ni­cians rush­ing into the insen­si­tive mouth of the subway.

My vision has nar­rowed some­what since then. I have swapped the prison of canine neces­si­ties for that of the every­day life that pass­es by. I get up, have lunch with my neigh­bor (it’s almost a com­mune in our duplex house), I sit in front of my com­put­er, I look out the win­dow from time to time. I some­times go to the choir, some­times I meet friends.

A month ago, how­ev­er, I promised myself that I would start walk­ing again, “my dog,” as sug­gest­ed by a 19th-cen­tu­ry doc­tor, even if I don’t have one. Walk­ing out­side is breath­ing the sky, also if it is oxy­gen-deplet­ed, it remains the sky.

I think we too eas­i­ly for­get the impor­tance of our rit­u­als, what­ev­er they may be. To be aware and act on what we do, think, feel is the first duty of the liv­ing human being. To become only aware of our breath­ing, hour after hour, will remind us peace­ful­ly and in an almost spir­i­tu­al way of the pow­er of our exis­tence, of our life, what­ev­er its nature and even what­ev­er its importance.

Don’t we think too often that our lives are not worth much ? What do we know if we still hold it dead in our minds ? Our place on Earth may not be worth the time we spend on it. How­ev­er, we are part of a species that takes up a lot of space. We must par­tic­i­pate, to enjoy it and to bring our grain of salt, the one that gives so much taste to our dreams. And it is not right to say that we are noth­ing. We are, and it is already great to be able to be sur­prised by it.