Of the penis enlargement

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

We could compare this phenomenon to those satellite debris polluting the distant strata of the Earth’s atmosphere and are prevented from passing through the surface by subtle protective filters, similar to an ozone layer and which, like it, has its faults and holes.

These detritus are pushed back by Internet winds to the delicate cells of mail servers. They take the form of promises of wealth or pleasure, and the most numerous are probably those who praise the merits of such an elixir or device for countering the small size of the penis.

As the protection against spam is not perfect, I must take a quick look at the long daily list of these slags received to save a possible valid email from the net. Fortunately, the protection tools are getting better and better, and the examination is of short duration. It’s really suffocating in this sordid area.

This type of spam is probably no longer the preferred method of scavengers. And yet, like the persistent waste from a tsunami wandering the oceans, they hit the coasts of our servers. There may be no one left at the other end of the fishing rod, and the fish may bite on bare or rusty hooks.

We’re still wondering. This story of penis enlargement is persistent. Either the male is naturally and stupidly, unnecessarily have a complex, or the female requires a format, a minimum vital that they don’t have.

There would, therefore, be no smoke without fire, even if the size of the stick is not a criterion for setting straw on fire.

But even so, if the rumor goes on like that, if we keep sending rockets into the air, also if it means saturating the atmosphere with desire, it means that there must be a real problem, a little something and that the whole history of humanity will always revolve around the one who has the biggest.