Of the penis enlargement

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

We could com­pare this phe­nom­e­non to those satel­lite debris pol­lut­ing the dis­tant stra­ta of the Earth­’s atmos­phere and are pre­vent­ed from pass­ing through the sur­face by sub­tle pro­tec­tive fil­ters, sim­i­lar to an ozone lay­er and which, like it, has its faults and holes.

These detri­tus are pushed back by Inter­net winds to the del­i­cate cells of mail servers. They take the form of promis­es of wealth or plea­sure, and the most numer­ous are prob­a­bly those who praise the mer­its of such an elixir or device for coun­ter­ing the small size of the penis.

As the pro­tec­tion against spam is not per­fect, I must take a quick look at the long dai­ly list of these slags received to save a pos­si­ble valid email from the net. For­tu­nate­ly, the pro­tec­tion tools are get­ting bet­ter and bet­ter, and the exam­i­na­tion is of short dura­tion. It’s real­ly suf­fo­cat­ing in this sor­did area.

This type of spam is prob­a­bly no longer the pre­ferred method of scav­engers. And yet, like the per­sis­tent waste from a tsuna­mi wan­der­ing the oceans, they hit the coasts of our servers. There may be no one left at the oth­er end of the fish­ing rod, and the fish may bite on bare or rusty hooks.

We’re still won­der­ing. This sto­ry of penis enlarge­ment is per­sis­tent. Either the male is nat­u­ral­ly and stu­pid­ly, unnec­es­sar­i­ly have a com­plex, or the female requires a for­mat, a min­i­mum vital that they don’t have.

There would, there­fore, be no smoke with­out fire, even if the size of the stick is not a cri­te­ri­on for set­ting straw on fire.

But even so, if the rumor goes on like that, if we keep send­ing rock­ets into the air, also if it means sat­u­rat­ing the atmos­phere with desire, it means that there must be a real prob­lem, a lit­tle some­thing and that the whole his­to­ry of human­i­ty will always revolve around the one who has the biggest.