Our personal legend

I am currently reading O Alquimista (The Alchemist), in its original Portuguese version. This reading is in itself a victory since I started learning Portuguese a year ago. The author, Paulo Coelho, is accused of using too simple a language. However, that makes me happy, because I don’t always press my finger on the words to get a definition (ah! the wonders of electronics!).

I’ve probably read this novel in the past, I’ve read so much in my teens, or would I have seen a transposition of it on the screen? This novel has sold millions of copies, after all. Or is it the fact that the subject follows the same path as those new-age philosophies that coloured the end of the 20th century?

Todas as pessoas, no começo da juventude, sabem qual é sua Lenda Pessoal. Nessa época, tudo é claro, tudo é possível, e elas não tão têm medo de sonhar e desejar tudo aquilo que gostariam de fazer na vida. Entretanto, à medida que o tempo vai passando, uma misteriosa força começa a tentar provar que é impossível realizar a Lenda Pessoal.

“Everyone, in their youth, knows their personal legend. At that moment, everything is clear, everything is possible, and we are not afraid to dream and desire everything we would like to do in life. However, over time, a mysterious force gradually tries to prove that it is impossible to realize one’s personal legend.  »

And the goal in life, of course, is to satisfy this legend. That is well said, it makes you dream and hope. This little tale, of which I have only read a quarter so far, perfectly reflects our innate desire to surpass ourselves, to cross borders as best we can. Everyone has their own story, their own way of telling their lives through their actions, words, and experiences.

Quite often, despair or sadness overwhelms us for not having achieved the desired goal. Many people make waxwings that are not well prepared for great adventures. The fall is then sudden.

Obviously, we wonder what this legend is. First of all, shouldn’t we take off this dress too short and transparent with which this word is dressed? A young Syrian child, trapped in adult gunfire with blind anger in his eyes, does he really see a legend? When he is shot in the head, his story ends without having begun. A young Indian girl sprayed with acid on her face will tell you the same thing. Legends are for the bourgeoisie, fairy tales for mortals who dream of Hollywood eternity.

We all know, however, that our happiness lies not in the realization of this or that, but in the balance, we achieve in our journey, no matter what it may be, in the most voluntary self-sacrifice possible. Happiness is not about judging, qualifying the path we take, nor is it about paving it with asphalt of good intentions. In the face of death, we can only dream and it is only through this voluntary humility that we can continue on our path.

So, yes, our personal legend makes you dream. It is good to tell yourself this kind of story, to tell yourself backward, to remember what you said and did, what you dreamed. It is also wise to look forward, to realize what remains to be done before the final border. And it is important to understand what we have forgotten, to remember those petals of desire that adorned our hearts. It is essential to sit down for a while, every morning, to understand what motivates us to live.

Never should we forget, however, that the true Legend goes beyond the individual, beyond the planet on which we stand. If our destiny is to live an adventure, it would make more sense if it were shared, sung and directed towards one of those suns that illuminate our insignificance and ignorance. The magic is there. Let’s start by warming up and loving each other around our first star. Then let us look at the moon, at the moons, nebulae and black holes, proton stars, circular Jupiterian storms, Saturnian hexagonals and then let us be silent, let us return to the fire, in the warm circle of the living. Let’s love each other. We’ve already said all that, haven’t we? So what? So what?