Modifié le : 2019/08/04

The moment is smooth, almost mean­ing­less. I mirac­u­lous­ly have time to take a break today. The work­flow has dried up. I don’t pan­ic, I observe this bright light that lies on the kitchen counter. I put the cup of cof­fee I’m about to drink in the center.

It sounds like hap­pi­ness, this frag­ile bal­ance between desire and lack of emo­tion, among the city which, if I lis­tened to it, would vocif­er­ate its buzzing, even its uneasi­ness, and tenac­i­ty. I did­n’t win the lot­tery last night. Just a lit­tle $5. That does­n’t mat­ter. I have the lux­u­ry today to pray and sing.