Put these tough words back into the soup

Modifié le : 2019/07/29

My friend Perig has already reviewed 70 pages of Les Mailles san­guines. I have the pages in front of me, took a look at them last night when the choir returned. This text seems so strange to me now. It is, there­fore, high time that I put myself back togeth­er again by try­ing to extract as much slag as pos­si­ble. This writ­ing, which spread over sev­en dif­fer­ent years, is there­fore far from over. I want this nov­el as polite as a dia­mond. Per­haps this would require delet­ing all writ­ten words. Maybe I’m just being stub­born for noth­ing. Maybe…

I still haven’t heard from the pub­lish­er. That does­n’t mat­ter. If he agrees to pub­lish this sto­ry, I can pro­vide him with a copy in good order. Perig is con­sci­en­tious, and I real­ly like this exam­i­na­tion from a French man. Not a word seems to escape his scruti­ny. He does not under­stand cer­tain expres­sions (includ­ing “snore­au”), which means how much the bor­ders of our vocab­u­lar­ies have widened. But under­stand­ing remains, as does emo­tion. He seems to like read­ing it, it’s already a start.

I have to reread and review this text before it real­ly no longer belongs to me. On the job, you have to put your work back and make fun of the time that remains.