Questions and rumours

Is it true that genius only comes from tire­less­ly rub­bing the mag­ic lamp, that per­sis­tence and hard work form the soil for the emer­gence of some­thing unique ?

Is our dai­ly life enough to bring out a hint of won­der ? Is it true that there are many called and few chosen ?

What is these math­e­mat­ics of progress made of ? What is the point of this divine game that con­sists of get­ting so dizzy that you get drunk in the driz­zle of your sweat ?

Can one real­ly meet God on one’s way, fall off one’s horse, leave one’s loved ones uncon­cerned about their distress ?

Who said you could be reborn as a mouse or a shoot­ing star ? Who cre­at­ed these com­part­men­tal­ized truths and then know­ing­ly hid them from our consciousness ?

The beau­ty of our quests, the dra­mas sur­round­ing all these rumors, as many axioms as lies ?

Is there only the body to call us to order, even if it dies ? Is this how answers come when we are about to ven­ture into the fog before our eyes ?