Razor and love

Modifié le : 2019/07/14

We do so many things through and for love. This heart that has its rea­son and this rea­son that lis­tens to the walls of its body… The most recent tec­ton­ic move­ments of my heart, the con­stant fog in which my secrets move, the slow drift of my exis­tence, I record the facts, try to con­nect the pieces of string with­out suc­ceed­ing there, knots, here alliances.

This morn­ing, I was reread­ing on Occam’s razor, a prin­ci­ple old­er than the Earth of Mankind, by which it is said that, if things are explained and sim­ply proven, it is because, inevitably, the truth is found in this place rather than in con­vo­lut­ed constructions.

A sim­plis­tic expla­na­tion is not proof. It is not enough to say that God exists to explain the world. We have to prove it and, gen­er­al­ly, we suc­ceed in explain­ing the world with­out prov­ing the exis­tence of God. This is the case with love and oth­er feel­ings. It is not enough to say I love you to prove your own’s love. Rather, the evi­dence comes from accom­plish­ment, ges­tures, incar­na­tion or, more cold­ly, love is explained by appar­ent­ly com­plex hor­mon­al move­ments, nour­ished by the mechan­i­cal will of genes that only seek to repro­duce themselves.

But again… this Bohemi­an child does­n’t have to prove any­thing. The rea­son for love or God is not solved.

Our God is Love. In its pres­ence, we close our eyes, we kneel, we blind our­selves or refuse him, we hard­en our hearts for rea­sons in the form of labyrinths or Eng­lish gar­dens. Our God is Life, it is already a pearl of great wis­dom, I believe, to say only that to oneself.

For the rest, inshal­lah, let the razor sim­pli­fy everything.