Rebang! Winter

@2017 Don Ramsey

Again the win­ter sur­prise. I went back up in this jour­nal to find out when this false sur­prise hap­pened last year. It is here, told on Novem­ber 21, 2016. The only sur­prise we can have is that the cold arrived a week ear­li­er this year. In my gonads, it does­n’t snow until the Mon­tre­al Book Fair.

It did­n’t real­ly snow either. I woke up Thurs­day night and saw white rain. Else­where, in anoth­er micro­cli­mate of which the city is the cham­pi­on, it has real­ly snowed.

What to say then ? Bang ! Winter, yet anoth­er take. Bang ! the sea­sons and mem­o­ries that accu­mu­late in the cold of neu­rons. And every time time time makes its mark on our path, we take a look back, anoth­er one for­ward. We won­der what has changed, we weigh the qual­i­ty of life, a lit­tle bit that of the plan­et and the human species that has adapt­ed and invad­ed all the sea­sons of the world. Then you usu­al­ly blink to pass by, see some­thing else until the day you Bang ! you don’t remem­ber any­thing.