@2017 Don Ramsey

Rebang! Winter

Again the winter surprise. I went back up in this journal to find out when this false surprise happened last year. It is here, told on November 21, 2016. The only surprise we can have is that the cold arrived a week earlier this year. In my gonads, it doesn’t snow until the Montreal Book Fair.

It didn’t really snow either. I woke up Thursday night and saw white rain. Elsewhere, in another microclimate of which the city is the champion, it has really snowed.

What to say then? Bang! Winter, yet another take. Bang! the seasons and memories that accumulate in the cold of neurons. And every time time time makes its mark on our path, we take a look back, another one forward. We wonder what has changed, we weigh the quality of life, a little bit that of the planet and the human species that has adapted and invaded all the seasons of the world. Then you usually blink to pass by, see something else until the day you Bang! you don’t remember anything.