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Reworking the days

Modifié le : 2016/09/18

I am already finishing almost two weeks with my new employer. It is easy to imagine the change of rhythm, the new time colors. I also had to finish, in the evening, the work of my former clients. They were understanding and I was able to complete the projects.

I would have a lot to say, but right now, I’m just tired. The 180-degree turn was smooth. New habits quickly take root. I like walking to work in the morning. Barely thirty minutes, the sun is still shining in front of me. The sweet September air accompanies me.

I could do nothing but work and, this weekend, went to Quebec City to meet a friend I hadn’t seen in 30 years, who has major cancer. I went with… my first love from thirty years ago. Double reunion. I will have the opportunity to come back to that.

I didn’t sing, I couldn’t sing. Tomorrow, I appear before the professor without having been able to repeat anything, especially since I am fighting against the viruses that the seventy employees of Spiria seem to be having fun dispersing into the air by sneezing one after the other.

I’m not in a cage, I’m on a diet in something new. The dust will fall off soon enough, I will be able to take the time to photograph life again.

I’m happy with what’s happening to me. The only disappointment: VLB has decided to delay the publication of my novel until autumn 2014. I would have had this text in my hands for a long time. Happy, they say, is the one who knows how to wait. For the moment, I only want to sleep and dream about a calm, spread out horizon with regular pay. Who will live, will really see.

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