Saturn and Pluto are not the plague

Yes, the beauty of the world is beyond our understanding and logic. Wittgenstein had understood that our thinking could not be totally enclosed in science, that despite its insistence, it inevitably gets an opaque gaze from Nature. O Nature, the only manifestation that proves to us that we do not dream. Reality is a fact that can be described, but cannot be explained. So much the better if generations of discoveries intoxicate us and if they do not prevent us from drinking from the hemlock of the covid.

I often look at the prevalence, the order, and the relentlessness of things. Saturn and Pluto may join in the sky and bring us the plague, but they are not the plague. They are just a picture of what we cannot explain to ourselves.

Yes, the beauty of what we create is beyond our understanding of who we are. And the blissful silence that follows is the best eulogy of our quickly faded existence.