Saturn and Pluto are not the plague

Yes, the beau­ty of the world is beyond our under­stand­ing and log­ic. Wittgen­stein had under­stood that our think­ing could not be total­ly enclosed in sci­ence, that despite its insis­tence, it inevitably gets an opaque gaze from Nature. O Nature, the only man­i­fes­ta­tion that proves to us that we do not dream. Real­i­ty is a fact that can be described, but can­not be explained. So much the bet­ter if gen­er­a­tions of dis­cov­er­ies intox­i­cate us and if they do not pre­vent us from drink­ing from the hem­lock of the covid.

I often look at the preva­lence, the order, and the relent­less­ness of things. Sat­urn and Plu­to may join in the sky and bring us the plague, but they are not the plague. They are just a pic­ture of what we can­not explain to ourselves.

Yes, the beau­ty of what we cre­ate is beyond our under­stand­ing of who we are. And the bliss­ful silence that fol­lows is the best eulo­gy of our quick­ly fad­ed existence.