Scream for yourself

Modifié le : 2019/08/06

It’s a full moon. The night seems quiet to me. I’m tired, I’ve been tearing down my bedroom closet all day. I continue these never-ending renovations, but yes, do me good. When I destroy a wall, I realize that another one had existed before, shifted. There must have been a valuable and heated space around this useless fireplace. Go figure now that everything has been patched up many times.

This house has several stories that have been written with different geometries. There is thus silent archaeology within these walls. I barely know the previous owner. Since I own all the titles of this house, I could go in search of all these identities that have left their mark here.

I won’t do anything about it. I already have a lot to do, and I have stopped wondering if it is worth it. I move forward, I howl with the other wolves, and I don’t tell anyone. My life is enough for me. And I’m damn privileged to be able to write it.

The moon is beautiful.