Seeing something else

Modifié le : 2019/08/07

Near the Vil­lage, in Émi­lie-Gamelin Park, a col­or­ful labyrinth has appeared. I don’t know if the instal­la­tion is fin­ished or if it was con­ceived in this way, pure abstract art prob­a­bly want­i­ng to be a break with the every­day land­scape as we often write to explain nothing.

How­ev­er, the effect is pret­ty, espe­cial­ly at dusk and the mete­o­ro­log­i­cal grey­ness that has been pre­dict­ed. A warm­ly dressed man was hang­ing around there, as it were, and seemed to be doing well. He went from pan­el to pan­el, stayed straight in front of every­one, looked through it, then changed col­ors. Per­haps he saw fairies and, with eyes wet with hap­pi­ness, fire­works. The chil­dren of a small fam­i­ly also gam­bled while the par­ents took pic­tures of them. Police offi­cers who were not far away had prob­a­bly cleaned the square because there was no trace of beg­gars. Unless those poor souls sim­ply can­not tol­er­ate this artis­tic lightness.

After bit­ing into the scene and weigh­ing down my gro­cery bags, I went through the labyrinth. The light is beau­ti­ful, as night falls, as if for these farewells, which are promis­es of goodbye.